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Another Beige Mouse Takes a Dunk

The beige-colored toy mice have been seeing all the action lately.  This one spent the night in a bowl of food that the cats hadn’t finished. Yuck!  Not sure if this is a statement about the human’s choices of food offerings or an attempt at being generous and feeding the toys.



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Floors are So Much Better to Eat off of than Bowls

The human and her camera were a touch too slow to capture this properly, but here are Pepe and Corky eating their breakfast snack of raw/freeze-dried nuggets with some water and nutraceuticals.  Of course, instead of eating the soppy, messy food in the bowl, each brother — at the same time — dragged a nugget out and dropped it on the floor, then proceeded to eat from there. Cats!


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Puzzle Feeder

And here is another “smart” toy that the human purchased for the kitties. That dark blue ball in the center with holes holds crunchies and spins around when you push or pull it, causing a small amount of crunchies or raw snacks to spill out through holes in the side of the white base.  As long as the human is willing to spin the ball and dispense crunchies, Corky, Fireball, and Macaroni are big fans of the gadget. In fact, Mac wakes the human up every few hours during the night asking her to spin the ball so she can have another crunchy snack. However, only Pepe seems to have figured out how to push the ball with his paws or his face, and even he has yet to push it enough to dispense crunchies. Another smart toy that has proven uninteresting to the smart cats, who prefer the human slave doing all the hard work of dispensing food.



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It was late afternoon and the human had worked too long. The Monsters were hungry and they weren’t taking “Please wait a few minutes!” for an answer anymore.  Caesar was especially sassy, using loud vocal complaints to express the pain he felt from an empty stomach. <<We won’t mention all the food from the morning that still sat uneaten on the stairs.>>  The human worked fast and furious at getting the food prepared. Still, it wasn’t fast enough and she took too long to make it a priority. The cats weren’t in a forgiving mood — and why should they be?


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Another Bowl, Another Mouse

The super-energy-efficient dishwasher the human has doesn’t have a heating element for drying dishes. Rather, it uses the residual heat from the wash cycles to dry them. That means that dishes that get tilted back from upright or that have lips that hold moisture don’t fully dry in a wash cycle. That, in turn, means that the human has to unload the dishes and either hand dry them or leave them out to dry for a while. Being lazy and busy, she opts for the latter. Interestingly, she had some kitty bowls sitting out drying when she noticed that a small white mouse had landed in one of the bowls and was laying on its back with its tail all twisted up. Since there was no food in that bowl, only a bit of water, the human pondered the meaning without finding any.


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Scowl Patrol

<<You call that a snack? It was hardly worth wandering downstairs to investigate, let alone eat. >>  <<Dare we say, ‘Disappointed?’>>


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Beige Mouse Dangles into Food Bowl

Here’s something you don’t see every day:  a toy mouse in this house that still has its ears and tail. Those seem to disappear quickly, although where they go is a mystery to the human.  In this case, the mouse has been draped over the side of the food bowl. Because this toy was partially suspended by its tail, and the food had already had most of the delicious gravy removed by pink kitty tongues (which disparage chunks in the food bowl), it didn’t get very dirty and was able to be washed and returned to the collection. Interestingly, when the human first found the mouse-in-bowl, there was another toy mouse the same color sitting right beside the bowl. Over the last week, the beige mice have had a grand time at night and can be found nearly anywhere upstairs when the human awakens, including in her slippers or right beside them.


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Morning Treats

While it’s lots of fun tossing treats to the meows and watching them chase them around on the floors, sometimes they just stare at the human blankly like they can’t figure out what in the world she is thinking. Mac, especially, will see a treat centimeters in front of her but be unwilling to edge forward and pick it up. If the human doesn’t slide it right up next to her, the treat remains uneaten. Putting individual treats in front of each cat not only makes a mess but it also takes time. Let it be mentioned that the morning treat is given just to buy time for the human to get the soft cat food prepared and divided into dishes before the wailing and gnashing of teeth begins. To keep the floor tidier and to reduce the chance the human will step on a treat and grind it into the rugs, the human has begun doling out the morning treats in a dish. That way the cats can take what they want. They still drag pieces off and leave them partially chewed on the rug, but at least there is less mess to clean when they are done. As you can see from these pics, they’ve been enjoying the novelty of noshing on treats from a dish with their peeps.


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Black Mousie Stops for a Snack

Alas, another kitty toy has passed on to the great toy box in the sky.  This little black mouse spent the night in one of the food bowls. By the time the human found it, it was beyond redemption.  Why do you suppose the cats do this with their toys?


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Get with the Program or Get Fired!

<<Human! Get with the program. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and we want food!>>  <<Sassy Face? You’re calling me sassy? You don’t even want to hear the things I’m thinking about you right now! In fact, you couldn’t handle it!>>  <<What do you mean, ‘eat the food left from breakfast?’ If we wanted to eat that food, we’d have done so hours ago.>> <<Diet is a dirty word. Don’t repeat it anymore.>>  <<If you don’t want us to eat the tasty food you buy, why buy tasty food? Sometimes you make no sense at all, human!>>  <<I’m suffering so much right now.  My stomach is turning inside out with hunger. I’m not over-fed, I’m bloated with malnutrition.>>   <<If she’s not going to feed us, might as well get a bath. Do you think we could trade for a better human?>>




(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.