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Pepe Helps with Gary’s Blanket

Here’s the Merry Pepster helping make a blanket for the human’s friend Gary.

Even the presence of doggie images on the material didn’t deter him in his fabric-flattening efforts.

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Holiday Gift Giving

The human decided to make no-sew blankets again for holiday presents.

The one thing you have to understand about the human is that we have to keep an eye on her. Think of us as quality control experts.

First, the fabric has to be smoothed out and the selvage edges have to be trimmed.

Then top and bottom layers have to be lined up and pinned together.

Next, the corners have to be removed from each side and fringe has to be cut, folded backward, and a small slit cut in the center of each pair of fringe. Both pieces of fringe are pulled through that slit, locking the front and back of the blanket together.

Of course, all along, the pins have to be retrieved and put back in the pin cushion so no one gets poked.

What would the human do without all our help? And what would the blankets look like if we didn’t inspect them at each step?

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Happy Cat-entine’s Day!

Even though humans tell us we don’t have receptors that can sense the “sweet” taste, we are wishing all our fans out there a wonderful Cat-entine’s Day full of treats.  (Isn’t celebrating all the wonderful things about cats better than remembering some saint who was shot full of arrows? What were the humans thinking?)


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