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Pepe and the Cold Pack

It’s been so miserably hot that the human has been carrying around a series of gel ice packs to stay cool.  Pepe got into the action the other day. He, his brother Corky, and Macaroni all tolerate the human gently stroking the ice pack along their sides, although it seems to scare both of the Tiger Boys.  Pepe also doesn’t mind curling up with the ice pack along his flank.  Good to know there’s a way to cool down the kitties too.




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Look Who’s Back!

We’ve had lots of grueling heat this summer…with short breaks that are unusually cool. Fireball seems to hate the heat even more than the human does and disappears for 20 hours at a time. Where he goes and where he sleeps is unknown, but when the temps get back down to reasonable late at night, he pops up on the bed to visit the 2-legged and his brothers and sister.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Almost Back in the Doghouse

<<That human has got to get her priorities straight! She’s working too much again and not saving time to update you all on our antics. We almost sent her to the doghouse again, but it’s been so hot that we decided to be merciful…at least long enough to see if she will respond appropriately.>>


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The Watcher

This is Caesar. He’s on watcher patrol.  That means he’s sitting in the human’s office staring at her. Occasionally he walks over and head-butts her legs or stands up and puts his big Caesar paws on the edge of her desk. He’s already had a brushing and a freeze-dried raw meat snack.  However, he hopes he can encourage her to cough up some additional food if he just practices eyeball juju hard enough.



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Places to Hide

<<Quick, the human is coming.  Don’t let her get too close in this heat. She’ll definitely want to pet you…and perhaps she’ll also want to pick you up and hug you.  It’s way too hot for affection.>>  <<If you pretend you don’t see her, perhaps she’ll be fooled into thinking she doesn’t see you.  Nope, that didn’t work. Time to plan an escape.>> <<Fortunately, she’s way too big to climb into the bay window. However, it’s just perfect for a kitty like me. You really have to stay alert in this house lest you get human kisses and fingerprints on your fur.>>


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Belly Scratch

Pepe likes attention.  He really likes to have his belly scratched or petted or kissed or pretty much anything at all…until he doesn’t. If the human walks in and he’s laying on the bed — remarkably often flat on his back with his legs in the air — then he wiggles around as the human walks by begging for attention.  Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to resist.  And when the human does manage to resist for a few minutes to get some pics, Pepe seems puzzled that his best efforts to be cute and attract attention are failing him.  Fortunately, he doesn’t hold a grudge, and the human usually is unable to resist petting him or kissing his tummy for long. 


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How to Tell if Your Human is Evil

You’re asleep. You’re vulnerable. The human approaches, camera clicking. You know that the human shortly will be petting your paws and tummy and sticking her face in your fur.  <<Heaven forbid!>>   The 2-legged shows no pity. She knows you hate being woken from a sound sleep but she messes with you anyway — even after you make ugly faces.No doubt about it, your human is evil. It’s not fixable. Get rid of that human and find another slave.




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Proximity Does Not Equate to Guilt

Someone had a grand party on the stairs. Apparently, there was a very desirable toy at the bottom of one of the toy boxes. In order to find that toy, the kitty had to go digging in several of the toy boxes, scattering toys from the top of each box onto the stairs.  The human walked by and saw the aftermath. It just so happened that Pepe was sitting there at that moment. He claimed he had nothing to do with the mess, reminding the human that just because she found him near the scene of the crime didn’t mean he’d committed the crime. He decided to leave in case the human stop chuckling and decide to take some action. The human picked up the toys lest someone take a tumble going up or down the stairs (namely her!).


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Boxed in…

The “oh so funny” human put a big box on the floor. The cats ignored it. The human picked up the wobbly egg toy, turned it on, and put it in the box.  Mac came over to check out the noise, at which point the helpful human picked her up and put her in the box with the egg. Mac was not amused. Neither was she entertained. She stared away ignoring her surroundings and plotting new methods to wake the human from a sound sleep at 3:30 am. The human has since been punished 3 nights running for her insolence.


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Who’s There?

The human walked through the living room and something caught her eye that didn’t seem right.  She couldn’t immediately put her finger on it but there was something strange in her field of view. Upon closer inspection, she saw the tips of a pair of ears.  As she drew closer still, she spied a pair of eyes.  That’s Fireball looking like he’s ready to pounce…or run and hide.  You just can’t make up stuff like this.



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.