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Hot Paws

It is so hard to get photos of Corky, but the human caught an adorable one last week in the midst of the horrible heat and humidity. Clearly, his paws were hot and he stretched one of his forelegs out and spread his toes to cool off while he slept. That’s a new paw dangle technique that the human hasn’t previously recorded in this house.

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Pillow Pal

The 2-legged is very lucky because, in addition to lots of Velcro furballs who are always glued to her body when she’s laying or sitting down, she also has multiple pillow pals that keep her company at night. The original pillow pal was Fireball, who will occasionally climb onto the human’s pillow when she’s sleeping on her side and curl up around her face. His tummy is so soft and fluffy, and his song is so sweet, that Fireball visits are always special. Unfortunately, being that close to kitty fur does not help the human’s allergies. Sadly, Fireball visits are always short, so you have to enjoy them while they last.

The next pillow pal was Caesar and he still visits daily. He favors wedging his big soft body between the headboard and the top of the human’s head and singing away for an hour or more. Sometimes he slides forward on the pillow, puts one big paw on the closest human shoulder, then curls his head into the crook of the human’s neck and falls asleep. <<<Awww!>>> Caesar is the only cat who will stay on the pillow once the human vacates the space. He also has become somewhat tolerant of the human gently stroking his velveteen paws, as long as she doesn’t push her luck and try to pet them for too long.

Mac is a more recent pillow pal recruit, as she normally favors stretching across the human’s body where it’s easy for her to get stroked and treated like the princess she is. She too is nearly a daily visitor. And being Mac, there are usually several headstand/head rollies before she settles down, and she will often wedge her sleek little body in between Caesar’s body and the human’s head. <<<We won’t mention what that does to the human’s hair.>>> However, let the human’s fingers get too close to her adorable paws and she’s bolts off the pillow as fast as can be. <<<There is only so much I’m willing to tolerate to give the human a little love.>>>

The most recent pillow pal member is Pepe. He favors laying slightly to the side of the human’s head. After all, even though he’s a big kitty, the human’s head is nearly as large as he is and he’s wary of getting smunched. He likes it when the human reaches up and gives him pets, but if she gets tricksy…as she often does when she tries to pet his paws…then he’s out of there! Unlike Caesar, who doesn’t mind sharing the pillow with the human and Mac, Pepe leaves if Mac approaches.

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Cozy Again

A displaced Fireball found a nice comfy bed to sleep in…

One that wasn’t contested by the bossy Girly Girl, who was camped out next to him in the pink puff.

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Caesar & the Scary Human

The human started to walk toward the Emperor Kitty, who was otherwise engaged in deep thoughts.

The Big Guy glanced nervously at the approaching human. <<<Does she have the nail clippers hiding in her hands?>>>

<<<Pretend to look away so she doesn’t think you’re watching her. Maybe she’ll just walk by.>>> And she did. No kitties were harmed, no nails were trimmed, no feet were illegally petted, only a couple of quick pics were shot and the 2-legged went on her way. <<<Whew!>>>

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Mac Loses Control Over the Pink Puff

It started innocently enough. Mac was off doing Mac things and the pink puff was empty. Caesar jumped up on the bed and hopped in. <<<Oooh, this is so soft and it wraps around me so nicely.>>>

Then Fireball hopped up because, well, he’s never far from his big brother Caesar. He spied Caesar in the pink puff, so moved to join him, although where he was going to manage to fit was still to be seen.

Caesar was really comfortable and the pink puff isn’t that big, so Fireball had to content himself by balancing on the edge of the pink puff while leaning on Caesar’s body. It wasn’t that stable and it wasn’t that comfortable.

Caesar’s strategy of giving no quarter worked and Fireball grew bored and left. That meant the Big Guy had the pink puff all to himself. Soon his body parts were overflowing the puff. <<<Such luxury!>>>

A little later, his nap over, the Emperor Kitty sat up in regal grace and surveyed his realm.

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Mac Owns the Pink Puff

For the first time in four months, the human and a friend had a short visit a week or so back and finally got to exchange holiday gifts. Those lucky kitties received a really fluffy pink kitty bed. And Mac has absolutely claimed ownership of the pink puff.

The bed has been sitting out for over a week. However, the only kitty the human has seen in it is Mac, who seems to relish how soft and fluffy it is. And doesn’t she look absolutely adorable in it? It’s just the perfect size for her diminutive form and the color is a knockout against her black and white fur.

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Losing Your (Momentary) Favorite Kitty Bed

Mac and Caesar had taken over the wide pillow covered over with the very-plush “mama fur” blanket — a favorite among the cats for mixing and snuggling.

Pepe was somewhat incredulous that he had to content himself with the purple blanket.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Here’s Caesar curled up in one of the kitty beds, looking like he’s flying through the air or leaping over his favorite pillow. His eyes are open and he’s watching the slow advance of the camera-clicking human. His forepaws are stretched out, so at great risk of being petted if he doesn’t pay close attention and pull them back under his chest if the human gets any closer. Fortunately, the human soon left him be.

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What do You Mean that’s Not Dignified?

<<<Complaints from the peanut gallery will not even be considered today.>>>

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Turtle Much?

<<<Don’t say it. In fact, don’t even think it!>>>

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Tight Fit

<<<<My big brother takes up most of this bed, although he does keep it nice and warm.>>>

<<<And when he’s in the bed, I can’t sculpt the blankets the way I like. Ah well, when you’re the last cat in, you have to take what you can get.>>>

(c) Copyright 2021, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Peculiar Things

Corky and Mac have a peculiar hang up involving the crunchy bowl.  They absolutely throw a hissy fit if, as they’re eating their way down through the contents of the bowl, they see a small space open up at the bottom of the container. Even though there are plenty of crunchies still in the bowl, it’s as though once they spy the bottom of the dish, that must mean the dish is empty.  This usually happens in the middle of the night when the silly 2-legged is trying to sleep. Corky yowls and starts beating up the curtains in front of the sliding doors and Mac does a variety of things ranging from scratching furniture to unplugging devices from the electrical receptacles. And both of the little darlings throw water all over the floor. <<You can see some in the upper right corner above.>>  The exhausted human wakes up, gets out of bed, looks at the crunchy bowl, points to all the crunchies that are still in there, and goes back to sleep. This goes on for several rounds a night until either the human gives in and refills the bowl or the cats give in and go to sleep. Well, last night, a very exciting thing happened. Apparently, they tried hard to wake the human, but she just kept rolling over and hiding under the covers. Apparently, in desperation, the cats actually ate almost all the crunchies out of the bowl. Now that’s progress!



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All Tucked In

This is Fireball, all tucked in with fleece blankets in the bed by the window. <<Is the human sneaking up on me with the camera again? Bah!>>



(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Philosopher Cat

Sometimes Caesar hangs out in the most remarkable positions. What do you suppose he’s pondering here — indigestion or the meaning of life?



(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Book Press

The human was trying to read a book. Pepe decided to help. He climbed onto the human and laid across the book. The human couldn’t budge the book. So much for a little reading before bed.


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What are You Doing Near My Feet?

In our area, we’ve gone from the wettest spring on record, and probably among the coolest, to searingly hot with horrible humidity, and it’s happened almost overnight. The cats, who easily could come downstairs where it’s 15-20°F cooler than upstairs, persist in laying around like a bunch of little wet rags. The human found the Emperor up on the bed in the hottest room in the house looking like he felt as miserable as the 2-legged did.  However, Caesar soon got that wary look in his eyes when the human got a bit too close with the camera, admiring his pretty paws. <<<Would you increase my suffering?>>>



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Can’t I Just Sleep a Little Longer?

It was the morning after US Independence Day. In this neighborhood, the fireworks displays are truly impressive and on par with the work of professionals. They’re set off nightly from mid-June’s Flag Day through a week after the 4th of July.  And last night, they started in at 7 am and really got going around 8 pm, making a terrible ruckus well-past midnight. In fact, the concussions were so loud and so close that a wreath the human has had hanging on the bedroom wall for years actually fell down. The only thing Caesar is more afraid of than fireworks is thunderstorms and he endured both yesterday.  The poor kitty lay glued to the human’s side for hours, then went off and hid with the Little Red Bee. Needless to say, the Emperor was tired this morning and not in the mood to vacate the bed quite as soon as the human, who had to work.



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At the Entrance

Here’s Mac sleeping at the very edge of the door to her favorite kitty carrier. Normally, she loves stretching out for a snooze in this one. However, on that day, she didn’t make it past the entrance before falling a sleep.


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Where’s that Tricksy Human’s Paw?

Pepe Monster was having a bit of fun. He kept ducking under the blanket and batting at the tricksy human’s paw as she tried to tickle him. <<With a face like that, can you blame me?>>Of course, keeping his eyes covered by the fabric has its distinct disadvantages when it comes to knowing where to swat — especially when he also leaves lots of tickle-prone body parts unprotected. <<Sometimes it’s important to take a peek outside just to figure out where the tickle finger is.>><<…Then it’s back to duck and swat all over again.>>Pepe can keep up this game for 15 minutes or more — far longer than the human with her short attention span and myriad chores to perform before work. <<Where’s she go?>>



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How Not to Make a Bed…Quickly

The silly human tried to make the bed.  The monster had other ideas.  First he slid under the flap of sheet folded over the blankets and duvet cover. Next he started poking paws out at the human from under the fabric. Of course, those back feet got into the action as well.  The human has learned to keep fingers and hands away from the worst of the kicking.  Eventually the monster tired and lay still. However, he made sure to slide one forepaw outside the blankets just in case he had to react quickly to more human mischief.


(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.