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Happy Valentine’s Day from the Meowsers

<<We shall not mention the fact that the bad human has been working too much of late and has completely neglected the blog.  (She interjects that we should clarify that she has not neglected us — which is true.)  However, we wanted to let our fans know that we have continued to do cute and funny things, many of which the human has photographed. Just as soon as we get her back on the program, you’ll learn all about our adventures. In the meantime, we’re wishing you all the love and cuddles you can stand from your own furry friends. Don’t forget that they would like some special snacks just like us! (hint, hint)>>


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Blanket Sculpting Culprits?

Initially it was Fireball playing architect with the kitty blankets. Then Mac got involved sculpting fleece in the kitty beds too. When the human’s own blankets starting getting the treatment, the human suspected them. However, it’s always Pepe alone or Caesar and Pepe that the human finds in the blanket cave made with her bedding. Perhaps a third architect is now at work sculpting. 



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New Architectural Wonders

Interestingly, the human’s own bedding has been getting the architectural treatment of late. Although the human is very diligent about making up her bed as soon as she gets out of it in the morning, a few hours later when she walks upstairs, she’s been finding this kind of structure. It would appear that one of the kitties is making a kitty cave out of the human’s own blankets.  As you can see, this kitty cave is adjacent to another of the kitty caves made from layers of fleece in one of the kitty beds. There’s always something new and interesting going on in this house.



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Friends Don’t Let Friends Go to the Litterbox Alone

As we so often see in this house, the toy mice are more than happy to accompany their kitty companions just about anywhere in the house.  For example, the other night the human found a beige mouse outside the big litterbox.  Maybe this behavior is related to the fact the human is not allowed to use the bathroom or the shower without at least a couple of kitty visitors arriving to keep the two-legged company.  On the other hand, the kitty bathroom visitors never bring along a toy for the human to play with. Harumph!


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A New Wobbly Toy Makes its Appearance

Kitty Klaus brought the meows a collection of new toys for Christmas.  They got 7 new toy mice and they got another wobbly toy. The base of this one is taller and wider than the one they received last summer and it’s green instead of blue, It’s topped with a long tube that has a feather at the top rather than the suede pads on the other toy. If they aren’t paying attention, the feather swings back and forth and will actually gently tap the kitties if they don’t whack it or step out of the way. Therefore, it’s a far more annoying toy than the smaller blue one, and therefore it’s been getting a lot of attention from the meows.This one also has two speeds, although it doesn’t seem to have the nifty feature that turns it off after 10 minutes of use. The kitties have been having fun chasing it. Pepe and Corky are the primary users, although the other three give it a cuff from time to time. Pepe has already figured out how to beat the system. He’s learned that if he just knocks the long tube over and holds his paw on it for a bit, the wobbly base will effectively unscrew itself from the tube and the feather.  How clever is that?



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Black Mousie Stops for a Snack

Alas, another kitty toy has passed on to the great toy box in the sky.  This little black mouse spent the night in one of the food bowls. By the time the human found it, it was beyond redemption.  Why do you suppose the cats do this with their toys?


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Afternoon Gifts

The human was on the phone talking with a client. All of a sudden, she heard a cat wail. <<‘Is that in your house or mine,’ the human asked?>> <<‘It’s not in mine,’ the other human said.>> <<‘Hang on a moment while I check that no one’s been murdered’ said the human of this house.>> She stuck her head out of her office and found Miss Macaroni. At the Girly Girl’s feet sat a toy mouse.  <<Oh, what a nice present.>> <<Oh, you’ve deigned to notice me human? See if I bring you entertainment tomorrow afternoon.>>  It’s a good thing that many of the human’s clients also work out of their homes and also are owned by furry people.



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The human covered a tradeshow last week and picked up an assortment of giveaways as she walked through the exhibits in between attending technical sessions. When she got home, she unloaded her bag to see just what she had accumulated. <<More pens, great news!>>  Of course, Pepe came out to join the human and see what she was up to at the table.  One of the giveaways was a nifty, environmentally-friendly pen in a box.  Since the Pepster was watching the goings-on with great interest, the tricksy human pushed the empty box over to the edge of the table. Not surprisingly, Pepe grabbed the box and pulled it over onto his chair. It was a bit unwieldy, but he cuffed it around anyway.  That entertainment was short-lived as he quickly knocked the lightweight box off the chair and onto the floor. For some reason, entropy usually sets in as soon as a new toy leaves the chair and hits the floor. With that, the Pepster turned around and looked expectantly at the human asking for another toy with which to entertain himself.

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Hugs from the Gingerbread Bear

Fireball, like Pepe, enjoys getting up close and personal with the human when she’s laying around reading.  He stretches out on her chest and starts singing, which usually leads to a bit of drooling, and then mixing on shoulders and arms with those sweet little paws equipped with a full arsenal of scimitars (nails).  Still, how can you resist the love of a little red tiger cat?   Fortunately, or not, the visits are usually short lived. There always is something more interesting to see or to do than hanging out with the boring human when she’s trying to read.



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Here’s the Best Toy Ever!


Corky and Pepe beg to differ about what is and what is not the world’s best toy.  In their personal opinion, it is hard to beat a sheet of crackly paper.  Fortunately, the human had some packages come in that were packed with stiff paper.  She indulged the kitties by putting both the too-small boxes on the floor (which, of course, were each checked out) as well as laying out the sheets of paper. The Corkster and the Pepster love to make a running leap onto the paper and slide on it all over the downstairs. The human finds the sheets of papers in the craziest places in the morning, showing that the kitties played with them all night long. Sometimes there even is a toy mouse or two tucked under the folds of the paper.  By encouraging the human to pull a sheet of paper along on the floor, the kitties get to chase it and try out their hunting skills, along with their sliding skills. Unfortunately, every now and then a piece of paper tears with the tussling. Ah well, there’s more where that came from.



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.