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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

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It was late afternoon and the human had worked too long. The Monsters were hungry and they weren’t taking “Please wait a few minutes!” for an answer anymore.  Caesar was especially sassy, using loud vocal complaints to express the pain he felt from an empty stomach. <<We won’t mention all the food from the morning that still sat uneaten on the stairs.>>  The human worked fast and furious at getting the food prepared. Still, it wasn’t fast enough and she took too long to make it a priority. The cats weren’t in a forgiving mood — and why should they be?


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Corky vs. the Blue Egg

The Corkster loves chasing the wobbly/spinny toys, especially when he gets to play with one alone, when his brother isn’t there to hog all the attention. He’s really far more patient than his brother, who has the cat equivalence of ADHD. He’ll quietly stalk the spinning, wobbling toy for several minutes before moving in on it. After checking it out to make sure there’s no danger, he’ll hit it with a soft paw to see what happens. Of course, one of the fun things about these toys is that they will immediately pop back up again and their top keeps spinning around even when they’re laying on their side.He hasn’t developed his brother’s technique of holding the toy down and letting the top spin itself off from the base, but he does enjoy the exercise. And it’s good to see him get some exercise while having a bit of fun too.



(c) Copyright 2019, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

What Do You Think it Does?

<<When the human presents you with a new toy, you’re supposed to be super psyched.>><<Woohoo!  What do you suppose this one is supposed to do?>> <<Oh, it spins around. Am I providing sufficient positive reinforcement for the fragile human ego?>><<Whoohoo! This is so much fun!>> <<How long do I need to keep up the interesting banter?>> <<If you don’t make a big deal about whatever she dragged home for us, she gets all mumpy faced. Humans are such big babies!>> <<But really! How many times can you chase this silly thing in a circle and then knock it over before it gets to be very boring?>> <<If I brought such a thing to her, how long do you think she’d play with it?>><<I’ve seen how long she plays with the toy mice we bring her. Not long at all!>>


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Playful Paws

Caesar Tiger Bear has some interesting bedtime routines.

First, he takes a big dump in one of the litter boxes.  What’s funny about a bowel movement? Well, he starts covering the smell in one box, and after digging frantically there (including up and down the sides of the lid), then he gets out and goes over to a second box, climbs in, and continues covering in that box.  Presumably he’s not quite clear on the connection between cause and effect.

If that’s not funny enough, the Big Guy must feel pretty good after losing that load, so he then comes out and scampers about on the floor. After stopping to scratch one of the kitty condos, he prances some more, then picks up a toy and dances around making funny little moaning sounds. By then he’s worked his way across to the other side of the room where he drops the toy and scratches on the scratching disc or he chases a ball or two around one of the other toys.

After all that energetic bouncing about, the Emperor lands on the bed and demands that the human hold up the blankets and tent her knees so he has a nice cozy spot to sleep in for 15 or 20 minutes.


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Scowl Patrol

<<You call that a snack? It was hardly worth wandering downstairs to investigate, let alone eat. >>  <<Dare we say, ‘Disappointed?’>>


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Get with the Program or Get Fired!

<<Human! Get with the program. It’s 3:30 in the afternoon and we want food!>>  <<Sassy Face? You’re calling me sassy? You don’t even want to hear the things I’m thinking about you right now! In fact, you couldn’t handle it!>>  <<What do you mean, ‘eat the food left from breakfast?’ If we wanted to eat that food, we’d have done so hours ago.>> <<Diet is a dirty word. Don’t repeat it anymore.>>  <<If you don’t want us to eat the tasty food you buy, why buy tasty food? Sometimes you make no sense at all, human!>>  <<I’m suffering so much right now.  My stomach is turning inside out with hunger. I’m not over-fed, I’m bloated with malnutrition.>>   <<If she’s not going to feed us, might as well get a bath. Do you think we could trade for a better human?>>




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Now Here’s Something You Don’t See Every Day!

Corky and Fireball have a tenuous relationship.  Corky spent years being subjugated by big (and bigger) brother Pepe before the two moved here.  He hasn’t forgotten what it’s like to be picked on constantly for no other reason than just existing.  And, unfortunately, Fireball was the least-welcoming kitty when Corky and Pepe joined the household.  Therefore, it’s not surprising that when Corky is feeling frustrated, spunky, or frisky, he takes it out on Fireball, who — despite an early show of threat when Corky and Pepe were housed behind a door in another room — turns and runs, much to Corky’s delight.It’s not that Corky does much more than chase Fireball with an occasional threatening yowl. The Corkster has no front claws and the Baby Comet has a full set of sharp little claws…if only he’d threaten to use them once or twice and stop the bullying once and for all, but he doesn’t.  Since Corky often hassles Fireball, the two have a strained relationship and rarely are seen together in peaceable terms.  However, the other evening while the human read, Corky dozed nearby in one of the kitty beds. Fireball hopped up for a visit. After getting his obligatory round of pets and cuddles from the human, he shockingly stepped into the kitty bed with Corky and started mixing on the soft fleece blankets. Mind you, a second kitty bed was nearby and available but remained empty. They stayed in the bed together for about 15 minutes. Corky acted mildly miffed or concerned for a moment or so, then settled back and ignored the intruder, who, true to form, stayed for a short visit and then went bounding off to more interesting things.


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Curtain Beater

Corky has developed the craziest way of acting out lately. When the human is reluctant to refill the food bowl, he ducks behind some curtains in front of a sliding-glass door, stands on his back legs, and then bats the curtains for all he’s worth while letting out a string of vocal complaints.  The camera hasn’t managed to catch him in the act yet, but it has caught him right after doing the dirty deed. Notice his tail is still under the fabric? Why would you suppose that beating up on some curtains would make the human do what you want?Does he look guilty to you? This acting out often does have the desired effect of encouraging the human to put a few more crunchies in the food bowl. Hence, there’s probably little hope that he’ll stop anytime soon.



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Messy Eaters

The human made the cardinal sin of dolling out soft food this week that was chunky.  These kitties have texture issues with chunky foods, even when they are served slathered in gravy, so the 2-legged has to mash up the chunks to get them smooth like a pate. However, being a silly human, she wasn’t as focused on the mashing part as she should have been and she left some chunks.  (It’s hard to be super focused on creating a perfect pate when being assailed by Pepe, who is convinced he’s speeding up food prep by trying to get on the counter and at the food and nutrients she’s adding, and while the others sit around and sound off about just how slowly the human is moving.)  Because there were chunks, the Pepster dragged them out of the bowl and deposited them (and the gravy they were drenched in) on the kitchen floor. Just what the human needed: to have to pick up that mess and wash that section of the floor before she started work.


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Sassy-Faced Sissy Bird

The human got scolded roundly today.  All 5 of the meows took turns mobbing her in her office demanding food. Mind you, the human was on the phone and there was food upstairs — just not to their liking — plus the human had given most of them snacks 15 minutes earlier (although clearly not enough). When the 2-legged took a break and walked out into the living room, Macaroni started sassing loudly and frequently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bright enough for the camera’s lens to capture the Smirking One in full oral complaint.  By the time the image was shot, that little upturned face with wide-open mouth was facing down again. Nonetheless, this will give you an inkling of the 10 minutes of sass the human heard and saw from that kitty.




(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.