Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: July, 2016

He Ain’t Heavy…He’s My Brother…

IMG_3746It’s not that the 4-legged ones haven’t been extremely funny and sweet these last 5 or 6 weeks, it’s that the silly human has been unreasonably busy, but it’s time to make up for her failings and start posting again.IMG_3747Here’s a cute sequence from a few weeks back involving Fireball and his adopted big brother, Caesar.  Fortunately, Fireball is light as a feather and Caesar is solid as a stone, so no harm was done during this photo sequence. At first the Big Guy didn’t look so happy to be “carrying” his little orange brother, but that quickly passed when the human showed up and pointed the evil camera at them. (Note the paw-dangling action.)IMG_3748By the way, that third “tail” or “leg” isn’t another cat smunched under the kitty pile. It’s one of those catnip-filled “logs” that the furry people love to hold in their front paws and kick with their back paws.IMG_3749No wonder they don’t mind climbing onto the lumpy human furniture and curling up for a pet. The 2-legged can’t be any more uncomfortable than some of the positions they sleep in anyway.


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