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Corky Catches Some Sunshine

And look who the human caught out the other afternoon catching some sunshine!  Of course, as soon as the human and camera came close, it was time for some gratuitous grooming. << Must ensure coat looks spiffy for pictures!>>When the annoying human got too close, it was time for a change of scenery, so off he hopped into the bay window.  At least the human managed to get 3 photos in a row where Corky is in focus and not just a grey blur. That’s progress of a sort.


(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Happy Cats (or the Swirling Masses)

What to see what happy cats look like? This is a bag of pure, freeze dried raw chicken breast.  All the human has to do is shake the bag and they come running, plaintive cries and all.  And when the human opens the bag and puts it on the floor, everyone has to have a sniff. There is lots of extraneous grooming as they wait patiently for the human to stop taking pictures and start tossing treats for them to chase.Notice the laser eyes boring into the slow, lazy human who is still too preoccupied with photo-taking to do her job of feeding the meows? She would be fired if there were another human slave nearby who was willing (or could be forced) to assume her duties.  (Heavy sigh…)



(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


I Love My Brother!

img_4185The Tiger Boys enjoyed a little love fest as the sun was rising.img_4191Caesar was busy washing his little tiger-boy brother’s fur. Per usual, you can see that he is washing against the way the fur grows, giving the Little Red Bee some “cowlicks.”img_4184Fireball, who still acts quite “kittenish,” always loves to be groomed by his big brother as well as to follow him around.img_4190And Caesar never met a kitty fur coat that didn’t need a good scrubbing. img_4189He often grabs on with one of his huge paws and holds the kitty whom he’s grooming. Sometimes he grabs a bit too hard, and that leads to scuffles.img_4187Fortunately, there weren’t any scuffles this time. Just some love giving and love accepting by the Tiger Boys.


(c) Copyright 2017, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Love Buddy

img_3893Caesar Tiger Bear is a big love muffin. Despite his size and seniority, he’s the gentlest of giants and loves to cuddle with all the other kitties.img_3891He’s always grooming the other 4-leggeds and tries his best to keep the peace when someone gets a bit feisty. He huffs a bit when Mac gets sillied up and attacks his tail, but he never swats at her even when she so deserves it. He lets Fireball follow him around like a 4 year old human following his older brother. He he puts up with Pepe tackling him for an occasional wrestle. And when Corky complains loudly about the stupid human who won’t open the cellar door, Caesar goes to his aid and tries to bring comfort. The only time he’s anything other than absolutely selfless is when food is being served. Then he remembers his own needs and desires.
img_3890What he was doing here with Mac the human does not know. She supposes Caesar was in the chair first, and Mac jumped up and pushed him out of his spot looking for a bit of attention. Being a gentleman, he would have gotten up and groomed the little minx. Either way, they seem cozily content.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


You Will Be Washed!

IMG_3354The other night, Mac was in one of the kitty beds on the human’s bed. She’d already had great fun chasing her tail and flipping on her back and tossing toys in the air like a river otter playing with a stone.  The Big Guy came up for a visit with the human. After getting the proper number of pets and kisses, he sauntered over and jumped into the kitty bed with the reclining Merkitty, who’d mellowed out and was behaving herself. IMG_3355For some reason, he got it in his head that she needed a bath. He flopped on top of her (mind you, he weighs at least twice what she does) and held her down with those big Caesar paws. Not surprisingly, the Merkitty objected and those wickedly sharp scimitars and teeth appeared and she started pressing the Big Guy back.

That didn’t stop him for long. He just wrapped his forepaws around her tighter than before and started trying to wash the gyrating body beneath him. That caused the Merkitty to fight even harder. Her victory was short lived.
IMG_3356Just like the Borg, resistance is futile when Caesar decides you need bathing.  Whether from fatigue or resignation, she finally surrendered and got a good tongue-washing.IMG_3357

(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.