Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: October, 2018


The human was walking back and forth between rooms this morning as she got organized for morning and put things away. For some reason, on one trip through, she happened to notice a patch of color in the kitty condo that currently sits between the stove room and the living room. Upon stopping and looking, she saw Pepe was inhabiting one of the kitty caves inside the condo and was watching the human with interest. A few pics later, the human was gone having resisted the urge to reach in and pet the Pepster.  He seemed content to be left in peace.


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Because the weather has been dipping down to freezing or lower at night, it won’t be long before the last of the summer supply of fresh catnip is gone for the long months of winter. Then the poor kitties will have to rely on the human to provide dry catnip, which doesn’t have quite the same joyous effect as the fresh, juicy stuff does. The dutiful human brought in a few bunches of the wildwood weed and stripped off leaves and tossed them here and there. Caesar Tiger Bear, normally the epitome of decorum, temporarily abandoned all dignity and enjoyed a great romp with the catnip. He rolled and thrashed and looked quite kittenish in a big scary sort of way.  He was anything but laid back and placid.  It’s always great to see the big guy have a bit of fun.  However, the wimpy human has learned the hard way not to go anywhere near those big, fast, wickedly sharp claws. Caesar only looks like he’s out of it. Dare to get close enough to touch that fluffy tummy or those soft paws and you’ll see what kind of hunting skills he has. 

(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Cold Weather=Crazy Kitties

The weather has turned quite chilly all of a sudden and that’s brought out the crazy cats. They’ve been racing up and down the stairs chasing one another. They’ve carried a dozen or more toy mice upstairs from the toy boxes and left them scattered all over the floor each night. And several times in recent evenings, Fireball has hopped up onto the bed while the human was reading. He then dropped a toy mouse he was carrying in his mouth and he started to chase it all over the bed.  One night he did this after the human had fallen asleep. He banked the mouse off the side of the human’s leg as he chased it up and down the length of the bed. Eventually, he always manages to knock the mouse off the bed and then jumps down to continue his game elsewhere.If the human didn’t need a bit of sleep at night, this would be mighty entertaining for one and all.

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The human covered a tradeshow last week and picked up an assortment of giveaways as she walked through the exhibits in between attending technical sessions. When she got home, she unloaded her bag to see just what she had accumulated. <<More pens, great news!>>  Of course, Pepe came out to join the human and see what she was up to at the table.  One of the giveaways was a nifty, environmentally-friendly pen in a box.  Since the Pepster was watching the goings-on with great interest, the tricksy human pushed the empty box over to the edge of the table. Not surprisingly, Pepe grabbed the box and pulled it over onto his chair. It was a bit unwieldy, but he cuffed it around anyway.  That entertainment was short-lived as he quickly knocked the lightweight box off the chair and onto the floor. For some reason, entropy usually sets in as soon as a new toy leaves the chair and hits the floor. With that, the Pepster turned around and looked expectantly at the human asking for another toy with which to entertain himself.

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Human, What Were You Thinking?

With the change in the weather, it was time to haul the houseplants back inside.  This is not a small endeavor given the size of some of the plants and their pots. After spending 5 months outside in ample amounts of sunshine and water, several of the plants greatly increased in size, including a cactus the human has had for many decades. Given the increase in its size, the human had fewer places she could put it on the plant stands, so right now it’s near the entrance into the room. There’s plenty of space to walk by it, but on its first day back inside, Caesar kept walking over to it and sniffing. When the human would see him and poke her head and her camera into the room, he’d look up and stare at the 2-legged as if asking what in the world she thought she was doing putting the plant there.  The novelty of the cactus sticking out into the room seems to have worn off and now everyone ignores it.  It’s always funny to see just what the cats will notice and take exception to in the house.



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Found by the human on her keyboard this morning…

Yes, she’s been busy at work again and has failed to blog.  What are the kitties to do? <<It’s awfully cold to send the 2-legged outside, but if this keeps up, we’ll consider it.>>




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Meeting of the Minds

Corky was laying in one of the kitty beds when Caesar jumped up and decided to hop into an adjacent kitty bed. The Big Guy soon started mixing up a storm on the fleece fabric and singing a song.  Corky wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with how close Caesar was so they had a bit of a stare down.  Caesar ignored the Corkster and went on mixing and singing, so Corky settled down. Soon Caesar also curled up and they both fell asleep.

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Hugs from the Gingerbread Bear

Fireball, like Pepe, enjoys getting up close and personal with the human when she’s laying around reading.  He stretches out on her chest and starts singing, which usually leads to a bit of drooling, and then mixing on shoulders and arms with those sweet little paws equipped with a full arsenal of scimitars (nails).  Still, how can you resist the love of a little red tiger cat?   Fortunately, or not, the visits are usually short lived. There always is something more interesting to see or to do than hanging out with the boring human when she’s trying to read.



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It’s been weeks since the cats had a pot of wheat grass to nosh on.  That’s not because the human has been lazy or forgetful. She’s made many trips further and further away trying to find a store with some healthy live cat grass, but the local supply seems to have evaporated. Just when the 2-legged was convinced she’d have to sprout and grow some grass of her own, she came upon a pot of yummy green grass, which the kitties immediately started munching on and dragging around on the floor. Every now and then the human actually does something useful.



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Curtain Beater

Corky has developed the craziest way of acting out lately. When the human is reluctant to refill the food bowl, he ducks behind some curtains in front of a sliding-glass door, stands on his back legs, and then bats the curtains for all he’s worth while letting out a string of vocal complaints.  The camera hasn’t managed to catch him in the act yet, but it has caught him right after doing the dirty deed. Notice his tail is still under the fabric? Why would you suppose that beating up on some curtains would make the human do what you want?Does he look guilty to you? This acting out often does have the desired effect of encouraging the human to put a few more crunchies in the food bowl. Hence, there’s probably little hope that he’ll stop anytime soon.



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Here’s the Best Toy Ever!


Corky and Pepe beg to differ about what is and what is not the world’s best toy.  In their personal opinion, it is hard to beat a sheet of crackly paper.  Fortunately, the human had some packages come in that were packed with stiff paper.  She indulged the kitties by putting both the too-small boxes on the floor (which, of course, were each checked out) as well as laying out the sheets of paper. The Corkster and the Pepster love to make a running leap onto the paper and slide on it all over the downstairs. The human finds the sheets of papers in the craziest places in the morning, showing that the kitties played with them all night long. Sometimes there even is a toy mouse or two tucked under the folds of the paper.  By encouraging the human to pull a sheet of paper along on the floor, the kitties get to chase it and try out their hunting skills, along with their sliding skills. Unfortunately, every now and then a piece of paper tears with the tussling. Ah well, there’s more where that came from.



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First Caesar was laying in one of the kitty beds next to the human, who was reading. Next, Fireball hopped in and curled up beside the Big Guy.  Not long after, the Merkitty joined the party. Since there wasn’t much room left, she flopped across both Tiger Boys.  No one seemed to complain, but there wasn’t much room left in the kitty bed.


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Too Darned Cute

<<Don’t bother me while I sleep!>>  <<It’s too hard to get back to sleep when you wake me up.>> <<How rude that you have a bright light burning overhead.>>  <<Can’t you see that I need my beauty rest?>>



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Princess & the Pea

This is Macaroni looking for all the world like the Prince and the Pea.  She’s sitting on no less than 5 blankets stacked up in one of the kitty beds.  <<I was perfectly comfy until the human woke me up to take some silly pictures.>>



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Another Favorite Mousey is Gone

The human found that another favorite toy of the penta pack had spent the night sitting in one of the soft-food bowls, so it had to go off to the great toy box in the sky.  The frequency of toys ending up in food bowls seems to be increasing.  What do you suppose this all means?


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.