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Oh Human, What have You Done?

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Happy 10th Anniversary Trio

A decade ago this afternoon, Caesar, Macaroni, and Fireball made the journey from their foster mom’s home to the new human’s. The poor kitties were so skittish at first, but eventually they figured out the two-legged was a big pushover and they could easily boss her around, which they’ve done ever since. While the trio is now a duo (with Caesar’s unexpected passing last October), Mac and Fireball are still a cuddle pair. Happy anniversary kitties!

(c) Copyright 2022, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Krang Drives to the Vet

It was time for Krang, the Penta Pack’s new cousin, to go to the vet for a checkup. Fortunately, the young Sphynx is multi-talented and offered to drive.



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Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtle

Juno has a new “brother” named Krang, which means that the Penta Pack members have a new cousin. Krang is a young Sphynx and is named after the enemy of the Mutant Teenage Ninja Turtles, which is appropriate since he’s pink, wrinkly, and a youngster with lots of energy.  Juno is super fluffy and Krang is hairless so between them both they probably have an average cat’s amount of fur. Fortunately, Princess Junipurr is taking good care of her younger charge and showing him the ropes of catdom (which is to say that she’s teaching him how to manipulate his human “pets” aka captors).


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Auntie Human Meets the Fluffernutter

<<Who is this? I haven’t met that human before.>><<Is she seriously putting her stuff on MY floor?>>
<<Who exactly invited this human anyway?>>

<<Should have known. My own human did. I suppose that means I can’t jump on her while she does yoga tonight.>>


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Happy 2nd Anniversary Duo!

(The human was unable to post this update on March 9th because power and internet were knocked out for a significant portion of her state during storms last week. This is day 6 with no internet and no estimate on when it will be back online. Harumph!)

Last Friday was the second anniversary of Corky’s and Pepe’s arrival. And today marks the second anniversary of the Duo’s former human caretaker moving across country to start a new life of her own. We all miss her!While those first few weeks were pretty rough for all involved, both members of the Duo have settled in very nicely and become proper members of the kitty colony.

Pepe has replaced Mac as the official household greeter and class clown.  Corky has replaced Fireball as the source of continuous chatter and complaints.  Such a lucky human to her these five kitty pals!


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Happy 1st Anniversary Duo!

duo sleepingAnd today is the first anniversary of the arrival of the duo last year.  Hard to believe that after 20 years being neighbors, my friend / their human has been gone for roughly 12 months. Moving in with the trio has completely shifted the dynamic between Pepe and Corky. Pepe used to rule the roost and poor Corky cowered under the bed or under furniture, as only the big guy was allowed to get human attention.  But Pepe has mellowed a great deal and seems to really enjoy interacting with the other cats and getting into mischief with the Merkitty. And Corky, who used to be so timid and meek, has turned into a force to be reckoned with when he doesn’t get his way.  He’s warmed up a bit to the other cats. While he still doesn’t like sharing a kitty bed with anyone, he and Fireball hunt together in the scary basement. The human sees them almost daily sitting high up on shelves butt-to-butt watching to see if any mice dare scamper past in the 160+ year old hand-laid stone basement. So happy anniversary duo!  This is also the anniversary of the start of the penta pack.


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Happy 4th Anniversary, Trio!

IMG_0485Hard to believe, but today is the 4th anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Fireball, and Macaroni to this house. Those first few weeks were heartbreaking, as every time the human came for a visit in their room, they hid under the furniture no matter how hard she tried to coax them out with treats, a brush, and toys. However, once they got brave and started coming over to investigate this strange 2-legged with whom they were forced to live, they slowly warmed up to her and eventually even came to love her. That’s why she gets pillow pals, the skin nearly licked off her fingers, cuffs when she misbehaves, and rows of toy mice left at her office door. Such a lucky human!

Thanks Kim for making the ultimate sacrifice that any foster mom can make!


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Bed Snatcher

IMG_3036Mac and Corky were occupying the 2 kitty bed next to the human the other morning. Fireball and Pepe were lying on the mamma-fur blanket, and Caesar was climbing around the human and her pillow looking for pets.  Once he was happy, he sauntered off and climbed into the kitty bed occupied by Mac, who normally happily moves over and accepts a bedmate, but not this time.  IMG_3038She got up and came over and draped herself across the human. Once she’d gotten the required number of hugs and pets and kisses, she sauntered off and climbed into the other kitty bed with Corky.IMG_3037 You can tell from the look he’s giving how well that went over!  Just like Mac, he quickly got up and left the bed entirely. You’d think an alien lifeform had just invaded his home. Then again, she is the plesiosaurus so maybe an alien DID invade his home.


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The City Kitties get a New Country Cousin

Juniper 2Meet Juniper.  Her new human, the niece of this human, calls her Juno for short, although Juni-Purr seems more fitting. (Who wants to be named after the cuckolded wife of the Greek pantheon’s worst philanderer even if he is the head honcho? (Projection!))

Juniper 1Juniper is a former shelter kitty and seems to love her new human and her new home. Welcome to the family, little fluff ball!  Wishing you a very long, happy and healthy life.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos by M. Ray.

Cranky Corky

IMG_2434Our little grey mouse has continued to be an exceptionally vocal and cranky creature in the morning. He definitely wants the human up serving food with sunrise. Maybe he suffers from low-blood sugar.  If he gets no action from the drowsy human, he leaps on whichever kitty is closest to him and bites that cat in the neck all while carrying on verbal chastisement of the lazy 2-legged who is playing with the snooze button on her alarm clock.  The only problem is, Cranky Corky is still rather rotund and the human has been admonished by the vet to take some poundage off him. Clearly, the little guy thinks that’s a really awful idea.

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There is Still Food in this Kitchen and I want it NOW!

Pepe wants foodPepe just happens to have a splash of black down the center of his face that’s about 4x the width of his actual nose. It makes his proboscis look huge, and that’s symbolically fitting as he walks around sniffing the air during meals trying to discern if there is any extra food out that he hasn’t eaten.  If he finds any, he’ll do almost anything to get to it and snarf it down.

He has an endearing habit of climbing up the side of the human’s leg when she’s sitting down to eat a meal. She’s supposed to put down whatever she’s doing and grab a pinch of her food for him to sniff. Fortunately, nothing she eats is appealing to a discerning kitty palate. Would that the same could be said about cat food.

In the last month, Fireball has taken to eating meals by himself upstairs. The two biggest foodaholics, Corky and Pepe, literally bulldoze out of the way any cat that is between them and a food bowl, and that seems to have intimidated the little Red Comet.  Because he’s shy to begin with and skinnier than he should be, it’s important that he gets food — and plenty of it.  The human makes up plates for the rest of the crew, then tries to sneak a bowl upstairs for the little guy.  If she isn’t smart enough to do that while everyone is in the midst of the initial grab & gobble, then Pepe and his nose walk around sniffing at food left on the counter, table, or even the stove. (The human has learned not to leave FB’s food in any of those spots and step out of the room for even 2 minutes, as when she returns the food is gone.) And if she delays at all, both Pepe and Corky follow her upstairs and try to eat Fireball’s food even before he can eat it himself.  Meanwhile, there is still food downstairs that no one is eating.  Argh, cats!


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Where’s Waldo?


The silly human walked into the bedroom the other day and found all 5 cats within a few feet of each other. Just 9 weeks on, the Penta Pack has settled in nicely, thank heavens.  Of course, each group has taught the other its worst habits, but I guess that’s a small price to pay for something approaching domestic tranquility.


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The Day Thief Strikes!

Either the night thief is no longer strictly nocturnal, or he has an understudy who is working his/her magic on a diurnal clock.

IMG_2516The other night the silly human climbed the stairs to the second level on the way to dispense evening snacks and get ready for sleep. Lo and behold, as she came around the corner, she found the upstairs crunchy container with the locking lid laying sideways on the floor, lid open, and a great many Game Bird crunchies gone.

IMG_2517Of course, no one is taking responsibility for the crime (impromptu party).  However, when the human came downstairs next morning to dispense breakfast and snacks, she found the paper bag in which she stores recyclables (until it’s time to empty them in the big recycle bin outside) knocked over on its side. Of course, that’s where kitty-food cans go after they’re emptied and washed out in the sink.

There has been a great deal of other thieving going on as well. All sorts of things that had been on the table or counter in the kitchen have been found on the floor: metal jar lids, big cork jar stoppers, half of a whole-wheat roll that fell into a bowl of water in the sink during slicing and was remanded to the compost pail, and a decorative pin that was in between being sorted and recycled.  And this morning the human found a seriously large chunk of old fiberglass insulation (which must have been brought up from the basement) laying on a rug in the upstairs hall. Clearly, nothing small and reasonably lightweight can be left untended. Perhaps this will teach the lazy human to be more diligent about finishing cleaning tasks.


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It’s (NOT) Nice to Share

IMG_2489My name is Pepe and I don’t like to share. The human reminds me about old TV ads when she was young about it being nice to share.  Such lies and propaganda!

I admit that sometimes my reluctance to accommodate others gets the better of me. I push them a bit too far and then they get mad at me.

I used to do it all the time to my little brother. It was fun to see how far I could push him before he “snapped” and knocked me to the floor. That’s a bit alarming, actually, because he’s smaller and lighter than I am.  He’s quiet and mousy most of the time, but when he gets upset, he’s a force to be reckoned with, meaning I have to be careful not too push too far too fast.  Sometimes I could get away with tormenting him for days on end, but sometimes it only took a few minutes before he’d go off. He needs to learn better boundaries!

I’m still learning what I can get away with the new people (cats) who own this house and the human. They’ve been nice but they definitely let me know from time to time that they were here FIRST. I’m slowly exploring everyone’s boundaries, but in the mean time I still love messing with my little brother.

IMG_2491Take last night.  He likes to get in bed early with the human and lay near her.  I come strolling up on the bed and first thing I do is I wedge myself between him and her. Then I start stretching and wiggling around until one or both of them move over a bit. That gives me a wider opening, so I stretch out bigger. I roll over and poke at the human and she doesn’t like that, especially when I poke her in the face.  It’s not like my paws aren’t clean! Eventually, I push my brother toward one edge of the bed and the human toward the other until I control most the upper half of the bed.  Then I roll onto my back and dangle my paws and feel good about myself.  That makes him feel even more insecure and curl up tighter in a little ball. Sometimes he makes these little squeaky noises — his version of complaining. It’s pretty pathetic actually. He’s SO passive aggressive.

IMG_2493Last night, after I’d executed these moves just perfectly, I decided to mess with his head a little more, so I rolled on my side and wrapped my paw around him as though we were best buds. I even laid my head on his back.  Then he wasn’t sure if he should be mad at me or start liking me again.  And the human couldn’t really scold me for pushing Corky away or being mean.

Of course, not to be outplayed, the human did pull out that nasty camera and start snapping away. What a bright light it has in the dark!  Still, I had both of them just where I wanted them — under my control!  Haaaa hhhhhhaaaaa haaaa!

I’m Pepe the Magnificant. Fear me!


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Cat Fishers

IMG_2454Corky and Pepe have discovered morning play time.  Corky is now as crazed at chasing the laser pointer as Fireball is, and both have become big fans of the fishing pole, Caesar’s favorite toy.  Here they are enjoying a little hunting action the other morning.


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Big Boys’ Bed

IMG_2446Here are Pepe (left) and Caesar (right) lying side-by-side on the bed.

IMG_2448And here is the Care Bear leaning over to begin grooming the Pepster.

IMG_2450Pepe definitely approves! Awww!  Maybe he’ll rethink his stance on other cats.


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Swirling Masses

This pic of the swirling masses is just the kitties enjoying their morning snack. The human seems to have done something right this week and found a new treat that they all like. That doesn’t happen very often. A little more than 6 weeks into the mixing, the Trio and the Duo are starting to become the Penta pack.  It’s quite nice to see.


And, yes, that’s the Little Red Hoover pushing his face into everyone else’s snack area trying to vacuum up the last little bits of the treats.


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Tumbled Toy Box

IMG_2426The human walked out of the “salt mine” (office) and saw Mac sitting on the stairs and looking up.  Pepe was further up the stairs.

Just above her, the toy box seemed to have been knocked down a step or two. It was sitting with its patterned side to the wall, opposite its normal position. Toys had spilled out over several stair treads and the box was actually sitting partially on top of one toy.

IMG_2425Mac immediately turned to look at the human and adopted “the face,” a sardonic glare that brooks no accusation. She was not going to admit to anything and don’t you dare accuse her of it!

IMG_2424The more the human looked at Mac, the more Mac copped attitude — it’s something she’s really good at doing.  It’s almost like she was saying, <<Hey, I just arrived on the scene and am as confused as you are by this mess.>> Since Pepe was not far away, it’s entirely possible she was right.

IMG_2423The human’s guessing someone went digging around in the box looking for a favorite toy and perhaps leaned a bit too heavily on a corner and over it went.  No harm done.  Toys were returned to their box, which was restored to its rightful place on the stairs. Cats wandered off no longer interested.


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Slipper Offering

Corky found a pink mouse we haven’t seen in a year or more the other day. He was having a great time chasing it around and chirping with pride at his hunting skills.  When the human awoke the next morning, the pink mouse was right next to her slippers like an offering.  Not sure if Corky left it or someone else grabbed his prize and brought it to the shoes, but nice to know the kitties are thinking about the 2-legged one.


(c) Copyright 2015, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.