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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

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Cats’ Life

The human’s 2-legged friends used to say they wanted to be reincarnated as her pets. (It’s an unfair rumor that the human spoils her furry friends.) In actuality, the 4-leggeds do have a pretty good life here, even if they don’t think so themselves. (What cat is totally satisfied with his/her surroundings?) They have cushy furniture to sprawl on and all the fleece blankets they could ever want or need.  They have the love and adoration of the human. They have the company of good friends, plus the eats here are pretty primo too.  For now, they’ll keep their human and their house.


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The little kids next door got confused about the names of the kitties.  They combined Pepe + Macaroni and came up with Pepperoni.  Given that both Pepe and Mac are B&W tuxedos, frequently hang out together, are the official household greeters, are always up to mischief, never get enough attention, and impose themselves on the other cats and the human at will, this name blending seems kind of appropriate.


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You Just Find the Strangest Things in this House!

This sight greeted the human this morning.  Now, granted, the 2-legged is used to seeing toy mice dropped next to litter boxes or even occasionally sitting in food bowls. However, this is the first time in recent memory that a toy mouse was found floating in a water bowl. Given that it spent the night there, the mouse is pretty much toast. What do you suppose they were thinking about when they made this move? 



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Sleepy Bears

The human walked through the living room only to see Mac and Caesar, rump to head, sitting on one of the couches.  They looked so cute cuddled up together.  Of course, in stopping to snap pictures, the human woke up Mac. That prompted Caesar to turn around so he was head-to-head with Mac. It’s so nice to see such good kitty friends spending time together. And, for a change, the little minx wasn’t piled on top of the poor Emperor kitty.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Sassy-Faced Sissy Bird

The human got scolded roundly today.  All 5 of the meows took turns mobbing her in her office demanding food. Mind you, the human was on the phone and there was food upstairs — just not to their liking — plus the human had given most of them snacks 15 minutes earlier (although clearly not enough). When the 2-legged took a break and walked out into the living room, Macaroni started sassing loudly and frequently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bright enough for the camera’s lens to capture the Smirking One in full oral complaint.  By the time the image was shot, that little upturned face with wide-open mouth was facing down again. Nonetheless, this will give you an inkling of the 10 minutes of sass the human heard and saw from that kitty.




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Tuxedos Meet New Kitty Carrier

The human found a nice soft-sided kitty carrier the other day.  She brought it home and decided to open up both ends so the kitties could explore.  As luck would have it, the two tuxedos were in the kitchen at the time and they decided to check it out. First Pepe stuck his head into each end and had a sniff.  He actually followed some pen caps he and Mac had been chasing to the edge of the carrier and cuffed them around.  Next Mac went in the proper “door” and walked through the carrier and out the “window.”  For some reason, that got Pepe all jazzed up.  He returned to the carrier and looked out the window. Meanwhile, Mac was checking out the side pocket and a second larger “window.” He wisely understood that squeezing out the “window” would be a tight fit. (So much for this being a “big” carrier.) He backed out and hunkered down beside the carrier and peered at Mac, who was gazing off without interest.  Next, he prepared to pounce on her, but she was having none of this and got up and moved. This jockeying for attention went on for about 10 minutes.  Then all the cats disappeared and the human was left to pick everything up. Such is the entertainment found in this house most mornings.




(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Soaking up the Sun

The human noticed Mac and Caesar catching a bit of afternoon sun in the living room. They were laying so close that Caesar’s face was practically on Mac’s hip.  (Of course, Mac was engaging in some serious paw dangling.) As she drew closer with the camera, the human realized that Fireball was there as well. So nice to see the sun again after all these cold, dark months!


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Sheet Tester

The human tried to make the bed. The cat had to test out the sheets. <<Yes, they have about the right level of tension. No wrinkles here.>> Next, the blankets were up for inspection. <<All the layers are pulled up to the top of the bed, although they are folded very poorly.>> The human received so-so marks at bedmaking.  The cat will counsel her again tomorrow. <<Only through practice and coaching can you hope to improve!>>


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What Do You Mean 11:30 am is Too Early for “Dinner?”

The Sass Patrol was out in force the other day. <<I want crunchies! Mind me, human, or pay the consequences.>> Yes, they started in at 11:30 in the morning wanting their dinner.  Mind you, their breakfast was still upstairs uneaten.  It’s amazing how every day they manage to push the clock back a bit further. The human used to make it to 4:30 pm before they’d show up in her office demanding snacks. Then it was 4:00, then 3:00, then 2:00, then 12:30.  You see where this is going, don’t you? The wimpy human has taken to barricading herself in her office when she’s on deadline. Of course, when the tiny cats toss their bodies against the old door in this old house, the door usually opens and in comes the sass patrol demanding obesience. <<Bad, bad human! You are so hard to train.>>


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Me and My Blankies

This is Fireball, the Little Red Bee.  He loves being wrapped up in fleece blankets and putting his head on fleece-wrapped pillows.



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