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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

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Curtain Beater

Corky has developed the craziest way of acting out lately. When the human is reluctant to refill the food bowl, he ducks behind some curtains in front of a sliding-glass door, stands on his back legs, and then bats the curtains for all he’s worth while letting out a string of vocal complaints.  The camera hasn’t managed to catch him in the act yet, but it has caught him right after doing the dirty deed. Notice his tail is still under the fabric? Why would you suppose that beating up on some curtains would make the human do what you want?Does he look guilty to you? This acting out often does have the desired effect of encouraging the human to put a few more crunchies in the food bowl. Hence, there’s probably little hope that he’ll stop anytime soon.



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Here’s the Best Toy Ever!


Corky and Pepe beg to differ about what is and what is not the world’s best toy.  In their personal opinion, it is hard to beat a sheet of crackly paper.  Fortunately, the human had some packages come in that were packed with stiff paper.  She indulged the kitties by putting both the too-small boxes on the floor (which, of course, were each checked out) as well as laying out the sheets of paper. The Corkster and the Pepster love to make a running leap onto the paper and slide on it all over the downstairs. The human finds the sheets of papers in the craziest places in the morning, showing that the kitties played with them all night long. Sometimes there even is a toy mouse or two tucked under the folds of the paper.  By encouraging the human to pull a sheet of paper along on the floor, the kitties get to chase it and try out their hunting skills, along with their sliding skills. Unfortunately, every now and then a piece of paper tears with the tussling. Ah well, there’s more where that came from.



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Another Favorite Mousey is Gone

The human found that another favorite toy of the penta pack had spent the night sitting in one of the soft-food bowls, so it had to go off to the great toy box in the sky.  The frequency of toys ending up in food bowls seems to be increasing.  What do you suppose this all means?


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

More of the Same

Big cat, small kitty bed, annoying human with camera.  Cat does not like to be disturbed when he is sleeping.  Cat signals his displeasure by making a funny face at human.  Human snaps one more picture and leaves. Cat returns to napping.  Nothing new in this house.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Most Evil Cat Torture Device?

Which torture device do you think is most scary?  It’s a close call between the nail clippers and the vacuum.  However, the clippers only come out once a month and only three of the cats have front claws that need to be trimmed.  The vacuum, on the other hand, comes out multiple times a week and causes pandemonium among all the boy kitties.  Yes, you guessed it, Miss Mac is not afraid of the vacuum as long as she’s up high and it stays down on the floor and doesn’t come too near. She just smirks at it. The boys, on the other hand, run for the next floor whenever they even hear the cord rattle and long before the scary motor turns on.

By the way, bells didn’t even make the list this year. That’s got to be progress of a type.



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Thou Shalt Not Disturb!

Caesar was cuddled up in one of the small cat beds the other day.  The human walked in to do something in that room. Of course, she couldn’t resist a quick visit with the Emperor.  He gave her that look. Undissuaded, the human started snapping pictures and petting a dangling paw.  He gave her another look. Still she persisted in pestering him. This time she photographed his tummy too.  The Big Guy was not amused. <<Really, could anyone who loves cats resist those paws and that tummy?>>



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End of the Line for Brown Mousie

Well, one of the cats’ favorite toy mice has met its end. It spent the night in a bowl of soft food. Fortunately, we have lots more toy mice lying around so the meows won’t be toy-deprived anytime soon. Why they periodically do this is a great mystery to the human.  Toy mice end up floating in water bowls, sitting in bowls of soft food, or even tucked beside or inside the human’s shoes.  Maybe it’s cats’ inscrutable nature that makes them so fascinating.



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Should We Punish Her?

<<You’ve noted the lack of postings of late have you not? The human is back to focusing too much time and effort on work and too little on us — or at least on chronicling our adventures for you, our admirers. Yes, we’ve learned to post, and yes we know how to buy stock photos from the internet, but no we don’t know how to use the camera…not that we could pry her cell phone away from her to get access to it. So what do you think we should do? We thought about sending her back to the doghouse, but right after we did that she abandoned us to go camping.  Perhaps that was not as well conceived as we thought. Humans…can’t live with them and can’t live without them.>>



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You Need a Bath!

Caesar was in one of the kitty beds reclining next to the human. The Little Red Bee came up for some hugs. After getting a brushing and some toothpaste treat, he hopped over and joined his big brother. Problem is his Big Brother always thinks he needs a bath. Out came one of those big Caesar paws and held poor Fireball in place.  <<What are you chuckling at, human?>>


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Big & Small

Here’s Fireball catching a snooze by an open window where he can enjoy the early morning breeze. But do you see the second kitty in his picture? Yes, the Big Emperor is curled up in the small bed for Fireball-size kitties and Fireball is stretched out on the enormous bed for Caesar-size kitties. Go figure!


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.