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Month: June, 2014

Big Guy Hides Out

photo 1

After his paw-dangling session yesterday morning on top of the kitty condo, I chanced to glance into the second level of the kitty condo as I was picking up toys and found the Big Guy hiding out.  He doesn’t look too happy to have been discovered.  Ah, well, if it’s not the human finding him, it’s the little kitties following him into his secret cave.

photo 2


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Paw Dangling from the Top of the Kitty Condo

photo 1

Caught in action this morning…


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En Fois Encore! Return of Pink Mousie

photo 1Well, after a several-week hiatus, pink mousie with the purple string made a reappearance. Not surprisingly, the toy was found once again wrapped around the bottom of one of the kitchen chairs.  I’m not quite sure where pink mousie hides when not dangling from the furniture, but clearly this toy has become a favorite of the meows and must be put somewhere safe between its adventures.


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Big Guy Enjoys Catnip

photo 1

Here’s a photo from this morning showing the aftermath of a party enjoyed solely by Caesar with 2 big clumps of fresh organic catnip from my yard.  Doesn’t he looks  mellow and content?


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Tail Chaser

photo 3

Yes, that’s the Merkitty acting like an out-of-control teen. She just can’t help but chase Caesar’s tail, and he seems unable to stop it from twitching. The more she cuffs at it, the faster it goes.  The faster it goes, the more enthusiastically she chases it — that is until she manages to stick tooth and claw into Caesar’s sensitive hinter parts. He then stands up, pulls up one of those big Caesar paws as though he’s going to pop her, thinks better of it, and puts his paw down with a huff. He usually then departs from the scene of the tail chasing. She is such a little minx!

photo 4

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Tiger Boys Hold Paws


Tiger Boys decided to provide bed-making help one morning as I stripped my bed to change the sheets.  At first they were just lying next to each other.


Then Fireball stretched his paw over and placed it on top of one of Caesar’s paws.  Being the good daddy cat that he is, Caesar decided to groom Fireball’s paw.  Then they just left their paws that way.  Awwww.


Needless to say, interludes such as these make it hard to stay focused on the job at hand, which is to change the bed. Fortunately, I’ve learned to keep the camera handy.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Tiny Bells


Not long after the kitties arrived, I purchased 3 of the cutest cat collars for them.  They were the safe breakaway versions that cats can get out of if they get hung up on something…like their own paws.  And each of the collars had a tiny little bell. I’d used the same kinds of collars for decades with two previous families of kitties, replete with a little ID tag so if they ever got out, someone would know whom to call to report that they’d turned up.  Confidentially I unpackaged each collar and went in search of the kitties.  I only managed to get a single collar on a single cat. You’re seeing one of the extremely rare pictures of Mac wearing her pretty collar.

Interestingly, because every time Mac moved, the collar jingled a bit, the Tiger Boys very quickly grew afraid and would run when they saw her coming, jingling along the way.  Mac did manage to stay in her collar for 2 weeks, but I guess she grew tired of being shunned by the far more timid Tiger Boys. Eventually she popped her collar off and I didn’t put it back on.  I thought I would take the bells off and give the collars another chance, but I never got around to it, and they have since disappeared to who knows where.  In the meantime, every cat toy I’ve brought home that contained a tiny tinkling bell has terrified the cats. They absolutely positively won’t play with it and if I toss it on the floor, they run to the 4 corners of the room and hide under some kind of furniture.


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Looking Gorgeous Anywhere you Sit


How is it that cats always look so elegant and beautiful, even when a bit rumpled right out of sleep?  Truly they are a gorgeous species and a fascinating one too. If you’re a human lower lifeform, but you manage to gain the respect of a cat, even if for a brief time, you can consider yourself having lived a successful life.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Goo Goo’s Grand Adventure

IMG_0576Well, Mac, the Goo Goo Girl, had another fine adventure yesterday.

It started off hot and humid, so I had the door that leads from my living room onto my porch opened up to try and cool off the house and dissipate a bit of the humidity.  Since the porch is screened-in floor to ceiling with a double layer of hardware cloth and galvanized fence wire, there’s no way for the cats to get out or for other critters to get inside. However, because I have landscaping beside the porch, the cats have access to fresh air and nature sounds.  They love to crouch in the shadow of trees and big shrubs while they track the progress of squirrels, chipmunks, birds, and other creatures through my yard.  Screening in the porch was my father’s idea  last time he visited in 2000 or 2001 and it has proven a fabulous gift for my previous cats and my current crew.

Mac of course went outside to have her “outdoor” adventure on the porch.

Later in the day, a big thunderstorm came up, so I shut up the porch door and went upstairs to visit with the kitties.

It was only late that evening after I’d been in bed trying to fall asleep for a while that I realized I hadn’t see Mac in many hours. I went out on the porch in the dark and called and called. Being a minx, she of course gave no indication she was out there. I did the same thing with the cellar, but no response there either. Finally, I went and fetched a flashlight and trundled out to see if I could find here. Sure enough, there she lay in a big block of foamed styrene that sits inside a plastic bag and creates just the perfect little cubby for her to stretch out in.

Now when Mac has been off on her own “hunting” for a while, she quickly reverts back to “wild kitty” mode.  She hissed at me as I retrieved her and brought her in the house, shutting the door behind me.  And because I had interrupted her grand adventure, I got no kitty hugs or bed-side visits the entire night. (On the other hand, she missed her evening snack with the Tiger Boys, so maybe we’re even.)

This morning, she was quite chirpy and cuddly again. I guess her feral phase has passed. She seems to be catching up on her sleep today.

Oh, and dare I mention that we’ve had very little splashing from the water bowl this week?

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Tiger Boys Play Tag


The Tiger Boys had a feisty go at a toy mouse tied to a long, coarse string the other day.  While Fireball would attack the mouse every time it moved, Caesar was busy pouncing on the string at the other end.  Eventually one of them would pick up their end of the contraption and go trotting off to another room, dragging the other end and their “brother” along with it. That led to multiple rounds of toy tag and dashing about with string or toy in mouth to yet another room.



(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.