Meet the Meows

Caesar (also known as (AKA): Big Guy, Caesar Tiger Bear, The Emperor):  Big male mackerel tabby who is the best “mama” kitty we’ve ever met.  Caesar has very ticklish feet and belly, and is the household mediator and diplomat, although not its official greeter.  He’s dignified and graceful, but prone to bouts of self-conscious self-grooming if he’s seen to “let loose” and have fun.  He’s a real snuggle bug in cold weather.  He’s famous for dangling those big paws of his out of whatever space he currently occupies.  Estimated to have been born in 2008 or 2009.


Macaroni (AKA:  Mac, Merkitty, The Mermaid, Birdy Bird, Girly Girl, Comedy Cat):  Smallish black & white female tuxedo kitty who is always into something she’s not supposed to be.  She loves to play in water and throw it out of her water bowl. She’s frequently seen eating and drinking off a paw that she snakes into and out of a dish.  She loves tossing toy mice in the air, rolling on her back, climbing into windows, and doing head rolls.   She’s the house comedienne and its official greeter. Never apologizes for anything and almost never acts self-conscious.  Loves attention and frequently piles on top of one of her “brothers” when they are sleeping.  Estimated to have been born in 2010 or 2011.


Fireball (AKA: Little Comet, Little Red Bee, Little Red Hoover):  Small male ginger (red/orange) tabby who only has 2 speeds:  fast forward and flat on his side asleep.  He’s timid and sensitive and was the hardest to win over, but now is a complete snuggly bear. He loves to wrap himself around the human’s head or neck and fall asleep and has fur like chenille.  Also has a high-pitched chirrup that is very effective at getting humans to do his bidding, which usually involves getting more food.  He inhales his own food, and quickly comes back to grab that of his “siblings” if they haven’t eaten equally fast.  Estimated to have been born in 2010 or 2011.

photo 4

Pepe (AKA: The Face, Mischief, Loki, Mr. Pickles, The Table Thief):  Large black & white tuxedo male with white paws and tummy. Is actually as big as Caesar. Has to be the center of attention.  A real talker who’s also a bit of a comedy cat like Mac. Not really interested in other cats, but emotionally needy when it comes to the human’s attention. Part of the Duo that arrived in 2015. Biological brother to Corky.  Estimated to have been born in 2008.


Corky (AKA: Little Bear, Thor, Little Grey Mouse, Ring-Tailed Rangu):  Smaller than his biological brother, Pepe, and more timid, Corky is a very sweet grey & white tuxedo with white paws and chest and amazingly dense fur and vivid-green eyes. Puts up with a lot, but once he’s reached his limit, he’s a force to be reckoned with and will tackle his much larger brother, knocking him to the floor and ending the torment. Can also very vocal and singularly focused, but is less emotionally needy.  Estimated to have been born in 2008.



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