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Fireball and Mac were enjoying watching the goings on in the yard. The mean squirrels were chattering at them from the trees. Good things there was glass separating squirrels from cats.

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The Evilness of Humans

According to both Mac and Caesar, the evilness of humans in this house knows no bounds. For instance, the human picked up Caesar while he was rubbing against her leg and spirited him off to the location of the nail clippers. She then proceeded to hold hm captive while she quickly trimmed all 5 nails on each of his front paws. No harm was done but the Big Guy was NOT pleased! He has made sure to sit down on the floor anytime he gets near the human during the past few days as that makes it much harder for her to pick him up.

Then, poor Mac was catnapped (while having a cat nap) yesterday morning, put in a carrier, and transported to the vet for a checkup. Exams always involve thermometers up the butt and bloodwork. Plus, then Mac was rendered a prisoner cat (isolated in a closed bedroom) for a couple of hours when human and kitty returned home in order to get a clean urine sample that had to be re-transported back to the vet’s office. And this morning, Mac was once again picked up against her will and transported for nail clipping, which the human did quickly and without harm, but completely against Mac’s wishes.

Sometimes it’s unclear whether keeping the human around to pay the mortgage and utilities, open cat food cans, and scoop litter boxes is worth the hassle.

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Pillow Pal

The 2-legged is very lucky because, in addition to lots of Velcro furballs who are always glued to her body when she’s laying or sitting down, she also has multiple pillow pals that keep her company at night. The original pillow pal was Fireball, who will occasionally climb onto the human’s pillow when she’s sleeping on her side and curl up around her face. His tummy is so soft and fluffy, and his song is so sweet, that Fireball visits are always special. Unfortunately, being that close to kitty fur does not help the human’s allergies. Sadly, Fireball visits are always short, so you have to enjoy them while they last.

The next pillow pal was Caesar and he still visits daily. He favors wedging his big soft body between the headboard and the top of the human’s head and singing away for an hour or more. Sometimes he slides forward on the pillow, puts one big paw on the closest human shoulder, then curls his head into the crook of the human’s neck and falls asleep. <<<Awww!>>> Caesar is the only cat who will stay on the pillow once the human vacates the space. He also has become somewhat tolerant of the human gently stroking his velveteen paws, as long as she doesn’t push her luck and try to pet them for too long.

Mac is a more recent pillow pal recruit, as she normally favors stretching across the human’s body where it’s easy for her to get stroked and treated like the princess she is. She too is nearly a daily visitor. And being Mac, there are usually several headstand/head rollies before she settles down, and she will often wedge her sleek little body in between Caesar’s body and the human’s head. <<<We won’t mention what that does to the human’s hair.>>> However, let the human’s fingers get too close to her adorable paws and she’s bolts off the pillow as fast as can be. <<<There is only so much I’m willing to tolerate to give the human a little love.>>>

The most recent pillow pal member is Pepe. He favors laying slightly to the side of the human’s head. After all, even though he’s a big kitty, the human’s head is nearly as large as he is and he’s wary of getting smunched. He likes it when the human reaches up and gives him pets, but if she gets tricksy…as she often does when she tries to pet his paws…then he’s out of there! Unlike Caesar, who doesn’t mind sharing the pillow with the human and Mac, Pepe leaves if Mac approaches.

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Fireball Quite Likes the Pink Puff

Although his big brother and his little sister have tried to prevent Fireball from getting into the pink puff, when it’s empty, and no other cats are around, the Little Red Bee is a big fan of the soft kitty bed.

That is, until the human gets close with her camera.

Mac is clearly losing control of her territory.

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A New Puff: And Mac Claims it!

Mac had been ruling the new pink puff, not allowing any of the other kitties to sleep in it and enjoy its luxurious softness. Then, just like that, she had other places to be. That provided first Caesar, then Fireball, with the opportunity to check out the new kitty bed, which they embraced enthusiastically.

During the time when Mac wasn’t sharing with the other cats, the 2-legged’s friend treated those kitties to yet another puff. This one is a lovely shade of light, warm brown. The human put it in the second bedroom.

No surprise, Mac immediately claimed the new brown puff and settled in for a nap. It had the advantage of having no other kitty smells on it.

She’s been spending morning and night in the new bed and hasn’t been letting any of her adopted brothers have access to it. So much for sharing.

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Mac Loses Control Over the Pink Puff

It started innocently enough. Mac was off doing Mac things and the pink puff was empty. Caesar jumped up on the bed and hopped in. <<<Oooh, this is so soft and it wraps around me so nicely.>>>

Then Fireball hopped up because, well, he’s never far from his big brother Caesar. He spied Caesar in the pink puff, so moved to join him, although where he was going to manage to fit was still to be seen.

Caesar was really comfortable and the pink puff isn’t that big, so Fireball had to content himself by balancing on the edge of the pink puff while leaning on Caesar’s body. It wasn’t that stable and it wasn’t that comfortable.

Caesar’s strategy of giving no quarter worked and Fireball grew bored and left. That meant the Big Guy had the pink puff all to himself. Soon his body parts were overflowing the puff. <<<Such luxury!>>>

A little later, his nap over, the Emperor Kitty sat up in regal grace and surveyed his realm.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

The Tiger Boys spend a lot of time hanging out together. They snuggle, they chase each other up and down the stairs, and sometimes they have a little dust up with fistacuffs.

Although not actually related, they’ve spent over a decade together, so are tightly bonded.

Just like a younger human brother, Fireball tries to immitate Caesar’s actions and behaviors — even down to moving his head in the same direction as Caesar’s when they’re lying beside each other.

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A Quiet Conversation

The human came upon this improbable scene this week.

Mac was in “her” pink puff with her head facing over her shoulder. But Caesar’s head was also in the puff as, apparently, was the front half of his body.

Caesar would be hard-pressed to fit in the puff on his own, let alone in combination with the Smirky One. Instead, he found a way to have a tête-à-tête until the evil human and her camera happened along.

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Trio Sandwich

The human found a pile of little kitty bodies in one of the comfy cat beds. If you look closely, there are 3 heads and 3 paws to be seen. Mac, per usual, is right in the middle of everything — wedged between and on top of the Tiger Boys. You’ll also note that Caesar is keeping an eye on the approaching human to make sure that their paws and faces stay safe from the attentions of the 2-legged. Fireball looks like he just wants to go back to sleep.

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Losing Your (Momentary) Favorite Kitty Bed

Mac and Caesar had taken over the wide pillow covered over with the very-plush “mama fur” blanket — a favorite among the cats for mixing and snuggling.

Pepe was somewhat incredulous that he had to content himself with the purple blanket.

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The human happened upon a group cuddle by the Trio. They really love snuggling together no matter how hot or cold the weather is. And notice how thick Caesar’s tail is (far right above)? It’s 2-3x thicker than other cats. It’s not that it’s fluffy, but rather that Caesar’s tail just has huge vertebrae. Mac (to the left) has a whip-thin tail. Fireball’s tail (far left) is about the normal thickness for a household cat. Just like paws, whiskers, ears, etc., each cat is different, unique, and oh so precious to their human, who knows how lucky she is.

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Happy 9th Anniversary Trio!

Hard as it is to believe that 9 years have gone by so quickly, today’s the anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Macaroni, and Fireball.

The Tiger Boys are still a bit spooky, and the girly girl still loves to be in the middle of all the action, but they’ve remained a tightly bonded trio. The human is so glad that she adopted all three and kept them together. They are too.

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<<<Just my sister and I having a nice little snooze. Although, I was first in this bed, so why has she pushed me out onto the lip and taken all the soft blankets in the middle?>>>

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Quick, Hide Your Paws!

Caesar was extending legs and tail out of one of the kitty beds while covered up with a bevy of blankets. The human crept forward, snapping photos as she went.

The Big Guy, realizing the perilous position of his paws, quickly pulled his body parts in and under the blankets so the human couldn’t pet them. She snapped a few more pictures and then walked away.

<<<Whew! It worked this time. Can’t a guy get any sleep around this place?>>>

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The Craziness of Comets

Fireball is a mellow little dude…until he’s not.

The other night, the human walked in to find the Little Red Bee all curled up on the bed, enjoying a snooze on the flannel and fleece. The two-legged picked up a couple of toy mice from another kitty bed and gave them to the ginger tabby, but he soon got up and headed for the now-refilled crunchy bowl.

After chores, the human was reclining in bed reading. The baby comet hopped up for some pets and some attention a couple of times, but soon left.

Not long after, big brother Caesar came in and all of a sudden the copper kitty got all jazzed up. He tore up the side of the kitty condo, hopped over onto the bed, then did a series of short runs, followed by abrupt stops, and sudden pivots in another direction, followed by short runs all across the bed.

All the time, his tail was flipping one way and then the other.

He picked up one after another of the toy mice the human had brought him and started tossing them in the air and cuffing them around on the bed. It was so funny to watch that the human grabbed the camera and started shooting pics.

Not long after, the Big Guy got wound up himself and went racing under the bed. His feet make the funniest sound when he’s silly — almost like he’s running on tip toes.

As Caesar came racing out from under the bed, Fireball, alerted to his brother’s imminent departure from the bedroom, barreled down off the tall bed and went running after his big brother, whom he shadows all over the house. The human marveled at how charged up the kitties were.

Next morning, when she opened drapes and shades from the night before, she saw a new batch of snow on the ground and understood that they’d all had snow sillies the night before.

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Tight Fit

<<<<My big brother takes up most of this bed, although he does keep it nice and warm.>>>

<<<And when he’s in the bed, I can’t sculpt the blankets the way I like. Ah well, when you’re the last cat in, you have to take what you can get.>>>

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The Human and the Clippers

<<<The human has been mumbling about trimming my toenails. I’ve managed to escape her every time she tries to sneak up on me with something in her hands. Only when the two-legged is laying down and mostly helpless do I flop down on top of her and demand the attention that is my due.>>>

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The Very, Very Bad Human

The very, very bad human is still alive and still living with us. Yes, we have been merciful, even though she hasn’t posted on our blog since late October. How are we supposed to keep up with our fans? Still, we’ve let her know in many ways that she continues to disappoint us. We finally had a breakthrough this afternoon when we guilted her into creating this post. How long the guilt will last is anyone’s guess, but at least we’ve made some kind of progress.

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Yin-Yang Tiger Boys

The Tiger Boys were having a cuddle in one of the kitty beds when the human (and her annoying camera) happened into the room.  Not surprisingly, there was a lot of paw-dangling action going on. Fireball had both of his forepaws out, while Caesar was dangling one of his.


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Hard Day’s Night

The Big Boys were snoozing back-to-back on a corner of the bed. Pepe was insensible; Caesar looked like he’d had a bit too much fun the night before and was regretting it now.


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