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The Trio Keeps Watch


The trio were sitting on one of the coucheswatching wildlife out the window when the silly human walked by and stopped to say hi.
Fortunately no creature worth mentioning crossed their territory. The birds and squirrels are safe for another day.


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Happy 3rd Anniversary, Duo!

And today is the 3rd anniversary of the arrival of Pepe and Corky to our home.  The human already knew the Duo before they came to live here, as they had lived next door with a neighbor for many years. Both kitties are spunky and feisty, but equally cuddly with the human if not with each other and the Trio.  Thanks to Pavy for entrusting her beloved kitties to our care.


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Happy 6th Anniversary, Trio!

Today is the 6th anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Macaroni, and Fireball to the human’s abode…which quickly became the kitties’ abode, although they generously allowed the human to keep living here.

The human adores the Trio. They are sweet, playful, and cuddly — with each other, with the Duo, and with the 2-legged — although even after 6 years, they are still fairly skittish if the human is standing or walking around (sitting and laying down seem to render her more “kitty sized” and therefore far less scary). Sadly, I guess they will never fully outgrow that.

Many thanks to Kim and family for surrendering 3 of her foster kitties in one fell swoop.  Life these last 6 years would have been a whole lot darker and more difficult without all the love and laughter these kitties bring. It’s been so much fun watching their personalities evolve.  What a gift it is to have furry friends in your life.


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Happy 2nd Anniversary Duo!

(The human was unable to post this update on March 9th because power and internet were knocked out for a significant portion of her state during storms last week. This is day 6 with no internet and no estimate on when it will be back online. Harumph!)

Last Friday was the second anniversary of Corky’s and Pepe’s arrival. And today marks the second anniversary of the Duo’s former human caretaker moving across country to start a new life of her own. We all miss her!While those first few weeks were pretty rough for all involved, both members of the Duo have settled in very nicely and become proper members of the kitty colony.

Pepe has replaced Mac as the official household greeter and class clown.  Corky has replaced Fireball as the source of continuous chatter and complaints.  Such a lucky human to her these five kitty pals!


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Happy 5th Anniversary Trio!

Plush BlanketsHard as it is to believe, today is the 5th anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Macaroni, and Fireball. This year, the human wanted to honor foster humans everywhere. If it wasn’t for Foster Mom Kim and her family, the Trio would not have come to this home.Big GuyThank goodness Kim insisted the 2-legged adopt Fireball and then Macaroni when the human initially planned only to adopt the Big Guy.  It’s astounding to think of all the laughs, tears, and cuddles the human would have gone without. In fact, with a mellower group of furry friends, this blog never would have gotten started.

So here’s a shout out to those selfless rescue organizations and foster humans who help scared and abused animals learn to trust 2-leggeds again. You’re among the best examples of what our species can be.



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Happy 1st Anniversary Duo!

duo sleepingAnd today is the first anniversary of the arrival of the duo last year.  Hard to believe that after 20 years being neighbors, my friend / their human has been gone for roughly 12 months. Moving in with the trio has completely shifted the dynamic between Pepe and Corky. Pepe used to rule the roost and poor Corky cowered under the bed or under furniture, as only the big guy was allowed to get human attention.  But Pepe has mellowed a great deal and seems to really enjoy interacting with the other cats and getting into mischief with the Merkitty. And Corky, who used to be so timid and meek, has turned into a force to be reckoned with when he doesn’t get his way.  He’s warmed up a bit to the other cats. While he still doesn’t like sharing a kitty bed with anyone, he and Fireball hunt together in the scary basement. The human sees them almost daily sitting high up on shelves butt-to-butt watching to see if any mice dare scamper past in the 160+ year old hand-laid stone basement. So happy anniversary duo!  This is also the anniversary of the start of the penta pack.


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Happy 4th Anniversary, Trio!

IMG_0485Hard to believe, but today is the 4th anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Fireball, and Macaroni to this house. Those first few weeks were heartbreaking, as every time the human came for a visit in their room, they hid under the furniture no matter how hard she tried to coax them out with treats, a brush, and toys. However, once they got brave and started coming over to investigate this strange 2-legged with whom they were forced to live, they slowly warmed up to her and eventually even came to love her. That’s why she gets pillow pals, the skin nearly licked off her fingers, cuffs when she misbehaves, and rows of toy mice left at her office door. Such a lucky human!

Thanks Kim for making the ultimate sacrifice that any foster mom can make!


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Happy 3rd Anniversary Kitties!

IMG_2243Today is the 3rd anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Fireball, and Macaroni to my house.  What an amazing transformation those scared little kitties have made.  How grateful I am that their other Mom was so generous and let me take all three. I realized a few months into their stay that my face actually hurt from laughing so much at their daily antics.  I hadn’t realized how living without furry friends even for a short time deprives you of those daily giggles and happy sighs.


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Happy 2nd Anniversary Kitties!


Today is the 2-year anniversary of the first day Caesar, Fireball, & Macaroni came to my house to live.  I’m feeling wistful. They don’t seem impressed, although if they think they can get an extra snack out of me because of this observance, I’m sure they’ll try.

The first 2 weeks they lived here, each time I’d come into their bedroom to visit them, they’d hide under a highboy dresser.  All I could see were scared eyes looking out at me as I stuck my head on the floor and tried to coax them to come out.  Granted, the big guy would come out occasionally for a short visit, but then he’d retreat back under the furniture.  I actually sat and cried a few times wondering what I’d gotten myself into.  Animals and human children generally adore me. It’s only adult humans that usually are the problem.  I wasn’t used to animals being scared of me — particularly after they’d met me a few times.


Well, over the last 24 months, we’ve come a long way baby! I’m so grateful that their foster mom was willing to give all 3 of them up for me.  As you’ve noted if you’ve read much of this blog, as they’ve grown less timid, their distinct personalities have emerged.  They are each quite sweet, funny, challenging, and precious. I suppose I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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