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Surprise Gift

Look at what the very thoughtful kitties left by the human’s shoes so early in the morn’.  I guess they figured she went off camping but forgot to pack a cat toy, so they made sure to put one of their favorites right by her shoes in case she made any more trips away from home.

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Not a One-Trick Pony!

Just for the record, Pepe is not a one-trick pony.   Let the critics be warned that he has mastered entertaining himself with more than just a pen.  Once in a while, he gets the human to share a rubber band with him for a few minutes.   First, he snags it from the edge of the table. <<Really, this is a form of entrapment by the human, who claims she doesn’t want me on the table but then tempts me with toys on the table! See what I go through?>>  Once it lands on the chair, it’s important to assess its probable level of aliveness.  That usually entails cuffing it around a few times to see if it will move on its own. Nope, seems like it’s dead.  That doesn’t mean it’s not cuffable of course.<<Okay, but after cuffing it for a few minutes, if it just sits there like a lump on a log, then it loses its entertainment value. Time to implore the human to give me another toy.>>  




(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Pepe & the Pen

If cats got diagnosed with ADHD, Pepe would be a leading candidate.  He needs constant attention and affection from the human. Even with that, he gets bored very easily and needs lots of entertainment or he’s off to get into trouble. The silly human, after caring for and feeding the cats and tackling critical morning chores, finally sits down for her own breakfast and to plan out her day. She has to eat or write with one hand and pet or entertain Pepe with the other, or he’s head-butting her arm, tapping her shoulder or chin with his paws, climbing into her lap, and generally being a brat.  He doesn’t seem to have the will for self-entertainment most days.  One of the best ways to keep him entertained for a couple of minutes is to give him a pen.  Mind you, the human clamps the cap down very tightly before giving the pen to him. Fortunately, he’s never managed to get a cap off the pen. In truth, he doesn’t hang onto them for very long.
He starts by tossing and spinning them around for a bit.   Next, he stands up and cuffs them around the seat of his chair. Not surprisingly, the pens quickly find their way to the floor where he stares at them for a moment, then returns to his position and ask for another one. Jumping down from the chair and expending all that energy to chase a pen around the floor is just too much to ask of the Pepster most mornings. It’s nothing for him to go through one, then two, and finally three pens until the human has none to write with unless she picks them up off the floor. He’s such a Pepster!

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Where’s my Favorite Toy?

Apparently, the first box has been thoroughly searched and the desired toy was nowhere to be seen.  Now the second box is seeing some action. Note the interesting toy scatter.  If the human only knew what someone was searching for, she’d pull it out. However, the 4-leggeds are mum on the topic.  Perhaps it’s time for the human to clean out the boxes to simplify the search a bit.



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Tight Sheets


In this house, some kitties really take their responsibilities very seriously. For instance, Pepe is very determined to make sure the human does a good job stripping and then remaking the bed. If the Pepster thinks the human has made any errors, he quickly lets her know. One way he tells is by leaping and sliding across the bed and then attacking the sheets. If there is a pile of wrinkles where he lands, then the sheets weren’t pulled tightly enough.  Another favorite technique is to roll back and forth over the fabric and see what happens.  <<It’s unfortunate that the human isn’t more focused on quality control herself because a poorly-made bed can lead to bedsores. However, what can you really expect from a 2-legged?>>



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Look Who’s Back!

We’ve had lots of grueling heat this summer…with short breaks that are unusually cool. Fireball seems to hate the heat even more than the human does and disappears for 20 hours at a time. Where he goes and where he sleeps is unknown, but when the temps get back down to reasonable late at night, he pops up on the bed to visit the 2-legged and his brothers and sister.


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Kissy Face

It’s nice to see Caesar getting groomed by the other kitties since he spends so much time and effort grooming the other four.  The Mer gave him a few licks on the forehead just for good measure. Of course, Caesar had groomed the little minx for 10 minutes beforehand.  No matter, he got a bit of loving and seemed to enjoy it.  They both stretched out side-by-side. Meanwhile, the human couldn’t make her bed.  <<Harrumph!>>



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Check Out this Box!

<<It smells interesting. And now it smells like me. That makes it MY box!>> <<It’s just big enough to fit my head and shoulders. What a perfect cat cave! Once in a while, the human does something right.>> 





(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.


Mac and Caesar were laying in opposite directions as if working to cross-purposes. Of course, it wasn’t long before a big Caesar paw was holding Mac still while the Emperor gave her a bath.



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Belly Scratch

Pepe likes attention.  He really likes to have his belly scratched or petted or kissed or pretty much anything at all…until he doesn’t. If the human walks in and he’s laying on the bed — remarkably often flat on his back with his legs in the air — then he wiggles around as the human walks by begging for attention.  Let’s be honest, it’s really hard to resist.  And when the human does manage to resist for a few minutes to get some pics, Pepe seems puzzled that his best efforts to be cute and attract attention are failing him.  Fortunately, he doesn’t hold a grudge, and the human usually is unable to resist petting him or kissing his tummy for long. 


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.