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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

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Fireball and Mac were enjoying watching the goings on in the yard. The mean squirrels were chattering at them from the trees. Good things there was glass separating squirrels from cats.

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A Thoughtful Afternoon Gift

Caesar, being the polite and thoughtful cat he is, likes to bring his human little toy mice as gifts several times per day. In the early morning hours, he hopes his gift will encourage the lazy human to exit the kitty nest and get going with her day (and the feeding of the meows). During the afternoon, when the human is often on conference calls, he likes to bring toys to the edge of her office in the hopes of getting her to wind up her day and feed the meows their dinner. The fact that his gifts are usually preceded by loud moaning sounds just adds to the interesting things that humans on the other end of the call get to hear.

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Distressing Things that have Happened

It’s been so long since the human has posted that many things have happened to us that our fans don’t know about.

For instance, after inviting our neighbor’s cat to stay with us for 5 days — did anyone think to ask if we were okay with this arrangement? — a few weeks later, the human brought a small kitten into our house.

Granted, the kitten was only here for a few hours while the human arranged to bring it to a shelter. Still, she held it in her arms and cooed over it in our presence. We were not amused. At our age, we do not want to have to start all over and train a kitten.

Fortunately, the human took the tiny kitten away and the tiny kitten was eventually adopted. You have to stay on top of that two-legged every minute because, when you’re not looking, she’ll bring anything into this house.

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Almost Made it…

We got to day 4. The human even managed to clip Cocoa’s front claws without bloodshed. However, late that evening, the human stepped out of the big bedroom for a nature break and was a bit too careless when returning to bed. Fireball made a major jail break and spent that night and the next day out. First thing he did was run across the hall and start pushing first his nose and then those clever red paws under the door. Fortunately, Cocoa must have been in her kitty bed and not watching. If there were any altercations on opposite sides of the door during the night, the human didn’t hear them…and she didn’t fall asleep until after 1 am, so upset was she that she’d let Fireball escape. The next day, the Little Red Bee was missing his best buddies, Mac and Caesar, but there was little chance he’d let the human pick him up and return him to the bedroom, so he had to live with the choices he made in the spur of the moment. There were 5 happy cats when Cocoa’s family returned and she went back to her house.

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No One is Happy in this House

<<The human has let another cat in the house. It’s in the other bedroom right across the hall. Corky made a jail break for 30 minutes and confirmed this arch betrayal. We also feel resentful that we should all be locked up. It’s our house. Whatever was that human thinking?>>

This is Cocoa. Her humans next door had to go out of town for 5 days. The easiest and kindest thing was to bring her here. However, no one is happy about this situation, Cocoa included. That’s a bit scary, as Cocoa is a big girl with all of her claws. She has a fearsome growl too.

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It took a day and a half, but Cocoa is now purring as well as growling when the human walks in the room. <<Conflicted?>> She doesn’t know her humans family is away. She’s just mad at THIS human for catnapping her from her home and bringing her to a strange place where she knows…where she can hear and smell…there are other cats.

In the meantime, the attempts at jail breaks by the other 5 seem to have slowed down and they are being remarkably well behaved, all things considered. That should probably be worrying…

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What has the Human Done?

<<There is another cat in the house…we can hear it and we can smell it, but we can’t see it. Why not? Because we have been jailed by our captor in the big bedroom…all of us. What in the world has that crazy human done now?>>

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Intruder Alert!

Over the many decades that the human has lived at this house, she’s known some pretty cheeky wildlife.  In the old days, it was quite common to look out on the lower deck and see a woodchuck, a couple of squirrels, and some birds all sitting in a circle eating seed. For a few years, a woodchuck unaffectionately called El Destructo traumatized the plants growing in big pots on the deck. Nearly every day he’d walk past and pull over every pot that was light enough for him to move to see if there was anything good to eat in it. This repeated behavior caused enough transplant shock that some of the plants gave up the ghost. And then there are the deer that reach their necks over the deck railing to nibble some of the hottest peppers on the planet down to the soil.A few weeks back, the human happened to be in the kitchen eating lunch on a dark, dreary day when she heard a thud outside on the lower kitchen window. Looking over, she couldn’t believe her eyes: a young and smallish woodchuck had jumped up on the window ledge. This is something the human had never seen before, although it shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise. Several bird feeders hang just above this window and there is always seed on the deck below the window and sometimes on the window ledge itself. <<Those birds are such messy eaters!>>As the human stood up, grabbed her phone, and started shooting photos while walking toward the intruder, he or she looked in and decided it would be advisable to jump back down on the deck.  This intruder wasn’t terribly afraid, as he / she didn’t go far…at least not right away. Of course, was there a single cat in the kitchen at the time keeping watch for intruders entering the property? <<‘Fraid not. Bah!>>




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Pepe has a Girlfriend

One of the feral kitties the human feeds outside has figured out how to jump up on the outside window ledge and look into the kitchen. Last week, she did this when Macaroni was sitting on the boot bench looking out, and Mac just about tore the glass out of the window frame trying to get at the interloper.  The outdoor visitor also hopped up when Pepe was on the bench, and received a better welcome. Pepe just stared at her through the window.



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What Laying Down on the Job Does

This is what happens when Pepe is caught laying down on the job and not defending the deck from intruders.  On the other hand, this is what happens when the intruder also lays down on the job and stops foraging for snacks.


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Invader Alert

This is what happens when the kitties are not vigilant.  You just never know what kind of creature will show up and visit the deck.


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The Trio Keeps Watch


The trio were sitting on one of the coucheswatching wildlife out the window when the silly human walked by and stopped to say hi.
Fortunately no creature worth mentioning crossed their territory. The birds and squirrels are safe for another day.


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Cat Bodies per Square Meter

Yes, it’s the trio modeling just how many fully-stretched-out cat bodies you can comfortably fit in a single kitty bed at one time.  Of course, when the human and her camera got too close, The Big C put on his scowly face.  Even the Smirky One looks a bit aggrieved.


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Meeting of the Minds

Corky was laying in one of the kitty beds when Caesar jumped up and decided to hop into an adjacent kitty bed. The Big Guy soon started mixing up a storm on the fleece fabric and singing a song.  Corky wasn’t sure if he was comfortable with how close Caesar was so they had a bit of a stare down.  Caesar ignored the Corkster and went on mixing and singing, so Corky settled down. Soon Caesar also curled up and they both fell asleep.

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First Caesar was laying in one of the kitty beds next to the human, who was reading. Next, Fireball hopped in and curled up beside the Big Guy.  Not long after, the Merkitty joined the party. Since there wasn’t much room left, she flopped across both Tiger Boys.  No one seemed to complain, but there wasn’t much room left in the kitty bed.


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Just Hanging Around

This is Corky hanging out under a chair on the cute cat hammock.  You’d have to be looking for him to see him unless you were paying particular attention to the floor.  Presumably that’s what makes both hammocks so popular with the cats:  the opportunity to watch the human and other cats without being bothered in return.


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Who Invited You?

Caesar and Mac were having a cuddle.  The silly human showed up and started taking pictures.  The Big Guy leaned back to see what the human was doing.  Not surprisingly, he gave the human “that face” and kept his paws on the Merkitty.



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Clean Feet

This is Fireball washing his paws.They get so dirty running around on rugs all day.  <<If you don’t keep your paws in pristine shape, you might not be able to race up and down the stairs like a comet in the sky.  Besides, your brother might make fun of you.>>



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Do You Think this is All An Excuse to Run Away and Play with Dogs?

<<It wouldn’t be the first time that our human disappeared for a day or two and came back smelling like a stinkin’ dog.  Maybe she’s off cheating on us. Sure hope she doesn’t bring one of those wretched creatures home with her. She does that, you know. Any poor abandoned creature will do.>>



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Alien Invaders

See that little tail? It belongs to a cute chipmunk who likes to hang out in the bird feeder eating seeds. Said chipmunk is darned lucky that there are 2 panes of glass between him/her and the cat who is watching this alien invader.  He or she runs up and down the screens, which happen to be on the outside of the windows in this house, coming and going from the feeder. Sometimes the chipmunk and a little red squirrel who does the same thing (although never at the same time) will go sprinting up or down the screen right in front of one of the cats.  You can just bet that Pepe is on the job monitoring the yard and alerting the human to this insulting behavior.  If Pepe could get through the glass panes and the screen, he’d make fast work of that little creature. How disappointing that the human doesn’t help him do so.


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