Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: April, 2020

Corky has a Little Roll

Corky loves playing on crackly paper and in paper bags, just like his brother Pepe.  The human had sprinkled some dried catnip on the crackly paper, so the Corkster decided to have a little sniff and roll.  He flipped from side to side, making the cutest squeaky noises. Since he was clearly having a grand time, and he’s hard to photograph, the human moved in quickly with her camera to gets some pics. That killed the mood and the Banu Bear got up and walked away.  <<That human spoils everything!>>




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Deja-Vu All Over Again…

I know this pic looks an awful lot like the one on the social distancing post a few weeks back, but it’s not the same image. They just all clump up in similar spots on the bed (aka “the kitty nest”). Although the cats are still not practicing expansive personal spacing, as you can see, they nevertheless are keeping life interesting during quarantine.


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Peculiar Things

Corky and Mac have a peculiar hang up involving the crunchy bowl.  They absolutely throw a hissy fit if, as they’re eating their way down through the contents of the bowl, they see a small space open up at the bottom of the container. Even though there are plenty of crunchies still in the bowl, it’s as though once they spy the bottom of the dish, that must mean the dish is empty.  This usually happens in the middle of the night when the silly 2-legged is trying to sleep. Corky yowls and starts beating up the curtains in front of the sliding doors and Mac does a variety of things ranging from scratching furniture to unplugging devices from the electrical receptacles. And both of the little darlings throw water all over the floor. <<You can see some in the upper right corner above.>>  The exhausted human wakes up, gets out of bed, looks at the crunchy bowl, points to all the crunchies that are still in there, and goes back to sleep. This goes on for several rounds a night until either the human gives in and refills the bowl or the cats give in and go to sleep. Well, last night, a very exciting thing happened. Apparently, they tried hard to wake the human, but she just kept rolling over and hiding under the covers. Apparently, in desperation, the cats actually ate almost all the crunchies out of the bowl. Now that’s progress!



(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Dangle Meister

This is Caesar with the first light of dawn striking his face as he participates in a Herculean paw-dangle action. Can that really be a comfortable way to lay around?




(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

While You Lay Sleeping

Sometimes the human thinks she doesn’t sleep much at night, but evidence to the contrary meets her eyes the following morning.  For example, three nights ago the two-legged woke to find not 1, not 2, but 7 tiny toy mice lined up beside her bed. She crushed a couple while climbing down from the tall bed in the dark the following morning. The cats always make that distinctive throaty moaning sound as they drag toy mice upstairs for the human and drop them on the floor. The fact that the human didn’t hear that happen 7 times in the same night suggests that she was out of it.



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The Boxster

Pepe loves boxes:  big boxes, little boxes, tiny boxes that he can barely put a paw into, it doesn’t seem to matter to him. The human had been sorting out files and using a tall cardboard box to carry the papers out to the recycle bin.  Goofy Boy saw the box and wanted to know what it was. The obliging human turned the box on its side and, quick as a bunny, the boxster hopped in and had a look around.<<Yup, it’s a box. What fun!!>>

Honestly, how can you resist a face like that?


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

The Monsters were Busy Last Night

This morning, the human found that the far-infrared heated mattress pad wouldn’t turn back on when she pushed the button at 4 am. She flipped the wall switch off and on a few times, as switching the light and mattress pad off is one of the Merkitty’s favorite pastimes when she’s frustrated with the human. Nope, that didn’t fix the problem. When the human finally got up for real and checked the connections on that side of the bed, they were secure. Bummed, she assumed the mattress pad had finally burned out.  However, just to be sure, she checked where the unit’s power cord inserts into a plug multiplier, that in turn plugs into the receptacle. To her dismay and delight, she found the power cord and the plug multiplier dangling out of the receptacle. The human then recalled hearing strange noises under the bed during the night and assumed that Macaroni had learned a new way to irritate the human by pulling the unit out of the wall. Honestly, for an 11 pound/5 kilogram cat, she’s a force to be reckoned with when she’s mad about something. The fun didn’t end there. When the human went downstairs to feed the monsters, she noticed that a lidded plastic container of cookies had been knocked off the table and had landed upside down on the floor, spilling cookies all over. The kitties aren’t allowed on the table, although that apparently doesn’t stop them in the middle of the night. The human theorizes that Pepe was chasing Fireball, who tried to escape by dashing across the table, knocking the cookies off. Fireball has no interest in sweets, but Pepe does. The fact that at least one cookie appeared to be missing a corner adds to the weight of evidence that Pepe was there.  Ah well, the human’s loss is the birds’ and squirrels’ gain.


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True Evil Stalks the Cats this Week

Well, the evil two-legged had a bit of time on her hands. While she was eating her lunch, Caesar and Mac came down for a visit and the Big C made the mistake of getting too close to the human, who scooped him up in her arms and headed into the bathroom where she shut the door, wrapped the struggling prisoner in a big towel, and pulled out the horrible nail clippers. <<Mind you, the terrible human has never once trimmed too high and hurt the kitties, but you’d think she was in the habit of regularly removing toes instead of a tiny bit of claw the way they fight the process.>> There were some mighty unpleasant sounds that ensued, but before too long, Caesar Tiger Bear emerged intact except for his front claws being a bit shorter. He only held a grudge for about 10 minutes before he was back whacking his body against the human’s leg. Earlier in the week the horrendous human managed to capture the Merkitty and trim her aquatic flipper claws. It took her about 6 hours to forgive the transgression.


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

All Tucked In

This is Fireball, all tucked in with fleece blankets in the bed by the window. <<Is the human sneaking up on me with the camera again? Bah!>>



(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Filet de Souris avec un Côté de la Souris

Yes, this morning the kitties opted for filet of mouse with a side of mouse to go with their fish-flavored dental treats. You just never know where you’ll find toy mice in this house.


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Image my own.

Philosopher Cat

Sometimes Caesar hangs out in the most remarkable positions. What do you suppose he’s pondering here — indigestion or the meaning of life?



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Fait Accompli

Whatever the cat was looking for in this toy box, presumably he or she found it.



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Double-Reverse Blanket Excavation Sleeping Position

This is another one of Fireball’s favorite sleeping positions. First, he stands outside the kitty bed and pulls all the blankets back into a pile. Then he climbs in and curls up facing the blankets. And last he turns his neck back in the opposite directions, much like table-top spinal twist in yoga. Since he sleeps like this for hours at a time, presumably he’s warm and comfortable.


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.