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Month: February, 2020

Another Blanket Sculptor Working in a Different Medium

Pepe has also become a blanket sculptor, like Mac and Fireball, but he opts to use a different medium. Rather than climb into one of the kitty beds after pulling all the soft fleece blankets to one side, he prefers to pull the blankets back from the human’s side of the bed and plunk himself down on the flannel sheets with the duvet, blankets and top sheet behind him, making a little blanket cave. This makes sense as it puts him much closer to the far-infrared heated mattress pad that the human has going all winter. Plus, it makes it a bit easier to monitor the comings and goings in the bedroom. In this image you can see Mac and Fireball, behind Pepe, curled up around a strategically piled lump of blankets in one of the kitty beds.



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Fireball’s Idea of Curling up in the Soft Blankets

Those who frequently read this blog probably already understand that the kitties in this house exhibit some strange behaviors. One of the funniest is what Fireball and his student Mac do to all the soft fleece blankets the human drapes over their kitty beds. (This not only keeps the kitties warm but it is intended to keep the beds themselves–notoriously difficult to wash without returning a lumpy, misshapen structure–clean.) For whatever reason, the Little Red Bee digs and lifts the blankets up in the air and forms a pile on one side of the kitty bed, then climbs in. Sometimes he lays with his back to the pile and sometimes with his face to the blankets, but he never seems to pull the blankets over himself even though he does seem to enjoy it when the human tucks him in with those blankets, as shown above. Doesn’t he look cozy on a cold snowy day?



(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.

Happy 8th Anniversary Trio!

Eight years ago this afternoon, Kim and her family graciously gave Caesar, Macaroni, and Fireball into the care of the silly two legged who has served the trio’s whims ever since. On the one hand, it’s hard to believe they’ve lived here that long, and on the other hand, it feels like they’ve been here forever. <<Happy anniversary, kitties!>>



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No Box Too Small

In this house, the rule is that no paper bag and no box is too small for Pepe and Corky to explore. They may not exactly be able to fit all that much of their bodies into said bag or box, but they are definitely going to check it out anyway.


(c) Copyright 2020, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Images my own.


Macaroni loves to throw water out of all the water bowls in the house.  She doesn’t do it all the time, but when she does, she’s so forceful in flinging fluid that the human has had to rig elaborate systems of elevated bowls sitting on dish drying mats sitting on rubber boot mats sitting on rugs to try and spare her floors being ruined by the little minx. Her antics with the water bowl long ago earned her the moniker Merkitty (for mermaid kitty).

In truth, she’s the only cat the human has ever met who clearly does not understand the concept of a water bowl. Just like she eats with her front paws, she mostly drinks water with her front paws. On those rare occasions when she crouches down to drink directly from the bowl, she always has one front paw reaching around underneath the bowl in the raised rack as though trying to grasp something. When the human first adopted her and didn’t know better, she put out water in clear glass bowls, which may well have blown Mac’s mind, explaining much of her later crazy behavior.

The house has mostly been spared Mer puddles since last summer. However, in the past few weeks, the human noticed that the big upstairs water bowl was nearly dry come morning, even though it was full when she turned in the night before. Concerned that one of the cats might be needing more water than before, she added a second bowl of water for the past couple of weeks. Even with two big bowls, one bowl would end up nearly empty every morning and the second’s level would be down considerably. A few days ago, the human kneeled down to retrieve something by the water bowl and placed her hand on the dish-drying mat to steady herself, only to find that the mat was soaking wet. That’s when the dim-witted two-legged finally understood why the water levels were so depleted each morning. The Merkitty is back.

Of course, the Smirky One is admitting nothing and accepting no responsibility for these actions.


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Valentine’s Kitties

The human found Mac and Fireball curled up together in one of the kitty beds during a particularly cold day last week. Don’t they look sweet?

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Happy Cat-entine’s Day!

Even though humans tell us we don’t have receptors that can sense the “sweet” taste, we are wishing all our fans out there a wonderful Cat-entine’s Day full of treats.  (Isn’t celebrating all the wonderful things about cats better than remembering some saint who was shot full of arrows? What were the humans thinking?)


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My Frenemy’s Frenemy is my Friend?

The human walked into the bedroom one morning and was greatly surprised to see Pepe and Fireball sleeping back-to-back on the bed. Pepe is a bit of a spunkster, and he loves to chase Fireball whenever he gets a chance. Since Pepe is so much bigger than the little comet, Fireball runs when chased and that encourages Pepe Monster to chase him harder. (Chasing Fireball and his brother, Corky, is about the only exercise the big goof gets most days.) Hence, seeing the Pepster and Fireball sleeping so close to one another was a total surprise. Then again, these cats are full of surprises.  By the way, that little black ball you see in the cat bed is a very sleepy Macaroni.


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Games Little Mousies Play

The kitties love their colorful little toy mice and drag them all over the house at night.  The human awakes to find them arranged in really interesting patterns that change from day to day. A few weeks ago, she found a collection of 5 toy mice arranged around the scratching pad/track ball toy in the middle of the floor. What do you suppose they were thinking about when they did that?



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It’s 4:00 in the afternoon and Cranky Corky is hangry. Yes, the hypoglycemic one is snarking about, throwing temper tantrums and yowling at the human. The 2-legged was supposed to dole out crunchies hours ago, never mind the fact that breakfast remains mostly uneaten and that most of the cats got to hunt for raw freeze-dried nuggets several hours ago. This is how the human gets in trouble with her 4-legged masters. She’d best do her duty lest she find her bed moved out into the snow piles again.



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Pondering the Universe

The human was working in the kitchen. On a whim, she stuck her head into the next room and spied the Philosopher Kitty standing up on the track-ball/scratching toy. She hadn’t heard him playing, so figured Mr. Caesar had climbed up to contemplate the meaning of the universe and then fell into a little snooze while standing there. Yoda much?


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What We’ve Learned…

At first we got on the internet to request a new human. When none answered our offer, we tried to sell our old human to see if we could buy a better one. However, after looking around, we’ve come to the conclusion that our old human isn’t so bad after all…even when she forgets to post on our blog for 2 months.  We’ve made up and she’s promised to start posting again.



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