Living with Carnivores

A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

Month: August, 2018

Woken from a Sound Sleep

Caesar was lounging in a kitty bed right next to the window, enjoying the cool breeze that wafted through.  The evil human approached with her annoying camera.   He knew what this meant:  the 2-legged was going to disturb his sleep. If giving her a funny look didn’t keep her from touching his paws and his soft tummy, then he would meet her eye-to-eye and give her the “Go away!” stare.    <<Miraculously, it worked!>>


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Our Human is Home

<<It’s about time.  Can’t let her know we actually missed her. That would give her the upper hand. However, we did miss her and we’re glad she’s back. Never fear, we’ve been plotting our revenge all week. You can bet there will be some funny pictures and posts in the not-too-distant future…if we can get her to get back to blogging that is.>>

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Missing the Human is Not a Personal Failing

<<We’ve got her reasonably well trained after all these years.  And it’s nice to cuddle up against her on cool nights. Finding another human that we like might not be so easy.  That doesn’t make us pushovers!  P.S. Camping under the stars also is overrated. The least she could do is send us some postcards.>>



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Do You Think this is All An Excuse to Run Away and Play with Dogs?

<<It wouldn’t be the first time that our human disappeared for a day or two and came back smelling like a stinkin’ dog.  Maybe she’s off cheating on us. Sure hope she doesn’t bring one of those wretched creatures home with her. She does that, you know. Any poor abandoned creature will do.>>



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S’mores are Completely Overrated…

<<…So is fresh air and being unplugged from the electronic devices and being away from us. Humans!>>

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Where the Human has Disappeared…

<<They call it camping, but, honestly, she’s been grousing all week about us waking her up during the night. Hey, we’re small and our stomachs get hungry every few hours. It’s not like she gives us an endless supply of crunchies anymore. Diet indeed!  We really think she’s just ducking out on her blog-posting, feeding, and litterbox-cleaning duties.  Humans…can’t live without them, can’t live with them.>>

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Our Human is Running Away!

<<She’s been threatening for more than a week to run away from us.  Ha, as if that was even possible! Besides, when the other human visits us, she gives us way more snacks and she plays with us more than our own human does. On the other hand, she doesn’t sleep with us and therefore it’s far harder to mess with her head. Besides, that human smells like dogs all the time.>>




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All Work and No Play Makes that Human Duller than Ever

<<Notice that she’s stopped blogging again? She’s been packing gear into her backpack for days. We’re not positive but we think she’s planning to run off into the woods. Good riddance! She’s no fun at all when she’s working all the time. And she gets really testy when we climb into all her camping gear and have a look around. Does she ever stop to think that maybe we’d like a vacation too?  P.S. Don’t tell her but one of us has learned to type, so we’re going to do some blog posting of our own. It’s dangerous to be dependent on such an unpredictable and inconsistent human.>>


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Tiger Boy Sphinxes

The human walked by and saw the two Tiger Boys lying like sphinxes on the rug.  She told herself they were posing for the camera, so she ran and got it and started snapping pics.  <<Sometimes the safest strategy is to not move a muscle. Whatever you do, don’t make eye contact! If you ignore the human completely, sometimes she just walks away and you can go back to enjoying a great conversation without being interrupted by the silly 2-legged.>>  They looked so cute that the human left them be.


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Big Boys Goof Around

Caesar and Pepe are the big boys in this house. Each comes close to tipping the scale at 20 lb/9 kg. And they can often be found sleeping at the bottom of the bed right next to each other.  Neither is shy about sprawling out and taking up a lot of space — proportionately speaking, far more than the much bigger human does when she’s in bed with them.  Pepe is fond of dangling body parts — head, legs, tail, it doesn’t really matter — off the edge of the bed. Caesar is a bit more restrained, as an Emperor should be. They will lie like that for hours and then one or the other of them will take offense at the other cat’s presence and a scuffle will ensue. Sometimes Pepe gets silly and starts rolling around.  That means he inadvertently flings a body part at Caesar, who says “No more!” Or sometimes it’s just a funny look that will set one or the other of them off. Of course, sometimes Caesar is overcome with maternal affection and decides to groom Pepe, who, after all, cannot be counted on to wash his own fur properly.  Pepe takes exception to having his self-mastery overruled by the Emperor kitty and that leads to a wrestling match. Either way, it’s entertaining for the human to watch.



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Bowl Patrol

It’s the afternoon. The human is cranking away on her keyboard and Bowl Patrol members are on duty.First, they visit the human in ones and twos to encourage her to take a break and give them a snack (or a full-blown meal).  If that doesn’t work, they intensify the pressure on the human by standing up and putting their paws on her desk or sinking their claws into her leg, scratching on items they know they shouldn’t, or jumping up and landing next to the keyboard.  The longer the human ignores them, the more intensely they act out. Finally, the silly human takes a break. There is great rejoicing right outside the office door. Of course, it’s important not to act smug like you think you’ve won the battle, so they quickly look away and participate in a bit of personal gratuitous grooming followed by a bit of community grooming.  It’s important to follow the human and make sure she is guided to the snack container or to the crunchy jar.  She often is distracted and completely forgets what you’ve worked hours to get her to do.  Such a silly human.


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Not a One-Trick Pony!

Just for the record, Pepe is not a one-trick pony.   Let the critics be warned that he has mastered entertaining himself with more than just a pen.  Once in a while, he gets the human to share a rubber band with him for a few minutes.   First, he snags it from the edge of the table. <<Really, this is a form of entrapment by the human, who claims she doesn’t want me on the table but then tempts me with toys on the table! See what I go through?>>  Once it lands on the chair, it’s important to assess its probable level of aliveness.  That usually entails cuffing it around a few times to see if it will move on its own. Nope, seems like it’s dead.  That doesn’t mean it’s not cuffable of course.<<Okay, but after cuffing it for a few minutes, if it just sits there like a lump on a log, then it loses its entertainment value. Time to implore the human to give me another toy.>>  




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Emperor vs. Human

The Emperor Kitty was doing his “Kilroy is Here” impression on top of one of the kitty condos. Because the human has really lousy personal boundaries, she got up close and really personal with him.  So, okay, he sniffed the finger she put right in front of his face. Big deal!Let’s talk about important issues like violation of personal space.


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Little Red Bee Takes a Nap

Sometimes, when the human is really lucky, the Little Red Bee will make a visit to the bed and stay for an extended time.  He likes to put his back or rump against the human and then stretch out his shoulders and forepaws and sing a song. Of course, mixing (kneading) soon ensues. That’s when the human needs a lot of blanket between her skin and his nails, which are sharp like little scimitars. However, make a sudden move or a strange sound and the dozing kitty is gone faster than you can say Shazam!




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But Why?

Normally the dreaded vacuum is avoided at all costs. Yet here lay Caesar and Mac spooning next to the vacuum. There is plenty of other space on the rug, so you have to wonder why they chose to lay down there.  Cats!



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Alien Invaders

See that little tail? It belongs to a cute chipmunk who likes to hang out in the bird feeder eating seeds. Said chipmunk is darned lucky that there are 2 panes of glass between him/her and the cat who is watching this alien invader.  He or she runs up and down the screens, which happen to be on the outside of the windows in this house, coming and going from the feeder. Sometimes the chipmunk and a little red squirrel who does the same thing (although never at the same time) will go sprinting up or down the screen right in front of one of the cats.  You can just bet that Pepe is on the job monitoring the yard and alerting the human to this insulting behavior.  If Pepe could get through the glass panes and the screen, he’d make fast work of that little creature. How disappointing that the human doesn’t help him do so.


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City Kitties’ Cousin Pops in

<<While we wait for the bad human to get her act together out in the doghouse, here’s Juno (aka Junipurr), our cousin.  She’s chilling out and waiting for her human to give her some love.  Come to think of it, so are we. Awww.>> 



(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos by M. Ray.

She’s Taking a Short Vacation Out Back

<<The bad human and her computer were sent outside for a while. Hopefully, she’ll get back to blogging shortly. It’s kind of crowded out there and the internet connection is really iffy.>>

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Time for a Stretch

<<Despite what it looks like, sleeping is hard work. >> <<Every now and then it’s important to take a good stretch. Don’t forget to extend your chin and stretch your neck and throat. This is a good way to cool down your paws as well.>> <<You have to lift your shoulders high and open up your chest. Twisting helps ensure your intercostals get some action. Technique is so important here.>>



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Pepe & the Pen

If cats got diagnosed with ADHD, Pepe would be a leading candidate.  He needs constant attention and affection from the human. Even with that, he gets bored very easily and needs lots of entertainment or he’s off to get into trouble. The silly human, after caring for and feeding the cats and tackling critical morning chores, finally sits down for her own breakfast and to plan out her day. She has to eat or write with one hand and pet or entertain Pepe with the other, or he’s head-butting her arm, tapping her shoulder or chin with his paws, climbing into her lap, and generally being a brat.  He doesn’t seem to have the will for self-entertainment most days.  One of the best ways to keep him entertained for a couple of minutes is to give him a pen.  Mind you, the human clamps the cap down very tightly before giving the pen to him. Fortunately, he’s never managed to get a cap off the pen. In truth, he doesn’t hang onto them for very long.
He starts by tossing and spinning them around for a bit.   Next, he stands up and cuffs them around the seat of his chair. Not surprisingly, the pens quickly find their way to the floor where he stares at them for a moment, then returns to his position and ask for another one. Jumping down from the chair and expending all that energy to chase a pen around the floor is just too much to ask of the Pepster most mornings. It’s nothing for him to go through one, then two, and finally three pens until the human has none to write with unless she picks them up off the floor. He’s such a Pepster!

(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.