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Month: February, 2016

Salt Lamp Gymnastics

IMG_3109Yes, that glowing block of light beneath the cat is a Himalayan salt lamp. The human loves them and has many scattered throughout the house. Of course, the kitties must investigate. Mac is constantly head-butting the one on the floor upstairs in the half-bath.  And lately Pepe has been standing up on the one in the office. That’s his final cue that he’s about to jump on the keyboard, so the human had best vacate the work cave and go feed him.  See how well they have her trained?


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Junipurr Cuddles

Juno Jan 27 2016Guess who this is? What an all-grown up girl kitty.  Doesn’t she look fluffy? It wasn’t that many months ago that she was a tiny timid little purr friend.



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos courtesy M. Ray.

Happy 4th Anniversary, Trio!

IMG_0485Hard to believe, but today is the 4th anniversary of the arrival of Caesar, Fireball, and Macaroni to this house. Those first few weeks were heartbreaking, as every time the human came for a visit in their room, they hid under the furniture no matter how hard she tried to coax them out with treats, a brush, and toys. However, once they got brave and started coming over to investigate this strange 2-legged with whom they were forced to live, they slowly warmed up to her and eventually even came to love her. That’s why she gets pillow pals, the skin nearly licked off her fingers, cuffs when she misbehaves, and rows of toy mice left at her office door. Such a lucky human!

Thanks Kim for making the ultimate sacrifice that any foster mom can make!


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Wild & Woolly Caesar

IMG_3209Caesar is generally such a graceful, staid, and mellow kitty, that on those rare times when he really cuts loose, it’s quite the occasion.  For reasons that the human doesn’t quite understand, the Big Guy quite enjoys his trips to the litter box. After a good dump, he exits with a vocal squeak and a chirp. Then he moves over a few feet to the upstairs kitty condo and has a good pleasurable scratch or takes off on a terrific tear through the house. IMG_3211This particular evening, he was a bit jazzed up — so much so that he climbed (not jumped but scaled) the outside of the kitty condo and landed on the top level. About that time his adopted brother Corky decided to use the litter box, while the Emperor looked on at proceedings.IMG_3210Finally, the box empty, his silly spell over, his majesty settled down for a little snooze.


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Pure Contentment

IMG_3232That’s what happens when you put a little red kitty on the mama-fur blanket that’s on top of a bed being warmed with far-infrared heat.IMG_3233Utter bliss!


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Fountain Walk

IMG_3221It really didn’t take very long for the two tuxedos to uncover the fountain. The human was hammering on the keyboard the other day when she heard that distinctive sound of stone scraping over metal. She bounded out of her chair (alas, without the camera) and went to investigate. Of course, the Water Monster was on the back of the couch with front paws in the fountain cuffing stones around inside the bowl.  The human ran back for the camera while trying to think of how she could keep the cuffy paws out of the stones.IMG_3222This time after taking a few pics, she used the blanket to cover only the bowl itself and left the hanging slate uncovered. If this doesn’t work, the next and final step will be to remove the stones from the fountain.  The Trio has been in the house for a few days shy of 4 years. Funny how the fountain and its stones has been there all this time and only in the last few weeks has the little minx discovered them and started having her entertainment. Such a Merkitty!


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Corky Takes a Snooze

IMG_3215Well, this was the first time the human had seen Corky get up on top of the kitty condo on the first floor and take a snooze.  IMG_3214He looked quite comfy there catching a few rays of the setting sun.IMG_3217Of course, then the human had to go spoil everything. She got up-close-and-personal with that camera. Then she wonders why he gets cranky sometimes. IMG_3216His sleep disturbed, Corky got up and left.


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Up Close & Very Personal

IMG_3189Pepe does not respect boundaries — not of other cats and certainly not of the human.  He loves to climb up on top of the 2-legged and put his face very, very close to her face. Of course, since he has curly whiskers and eyebrow hairs, that tickles her face. Much as she loves kitties, kitty breath is not among her favorite things.IMG_3188She picks him up and slides him back further down her torso. He climbs back closer and sticks paws on her face.IMG_3187She picks him up and slides him back further down her torso. He climbs back up and parks himself even closer and puts a foot out to touch her. Now she feels bad. What’s a human to do?  Give up and let the cat have his way.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

The Lost Art of Paw Dangling

IMG_3176Here’s the big guy, giving those big paws a rest. How could anyone resist them…and him?

<<Drats! She’ll either flash me with the evil camera or she’ll come play with my paws. I don’t know what’s worse?  Ah, being homeless, hungry, and trying to find shelter outside in this cold. How could I forget?>>


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Air Paws

IMG_3171Honestly, this is not a posed photo. This is how Pepe sleeps, on his side or back with a paw in the air.IMG_3172Why does he sleep with his paw in the air?  Got me!  Maybe it gets sweaty and needs airing out.
IMG_3173Or maybe it’s really some kind of antennae and he’s secretly receiving transmissions from outer space.  That could explain a lot!
IMG_3174Pepe is definitely a unique individual, even by cat standards…IMG_3178<<Whew, transmission complete.  She almost caught me that time!>>


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Mamma-Fur Blanket #2?

IMG_3180The human actually did something right yesterday afternoon.  She visited her favorite fabric store, which had fleece on sale 60 and 70% off. Yes fleece! She not only came home with some fleece to make herself a new no-sew blanket, but she picked up a remnant of this very-soft, loopy chocolate brown fabric that looks and feels like some kind of interesting fur. She laid it out over the two main kitty beds on her bed last night and then the fun began.IMG_3179First Mac hopped in, gave it a sniff, and started making one of those kitty grins.  She then hopped out and threw herself over the human.  Meanwhile, Caesar came up and hopped in, gave it a sniff, grinned, and started mixing and singing up a storm. Yes, it looks like the human has found another mamma-fur blanket.IMG_3184Then came Fireball, who hopped in with Caesar, mixed up a storm, and sang quite the song while submitting to a good washing from his big brother.  Pepe gave it a sniff and a grin, but didn’t get into the kitty beds, although Corky did later in the evening.IMG_3208Macadoodle then hopped back in, bit the blanket, and started nurse/mixing. Later she started chasing her tail, then Caesar’s, and had a grand time with 2 catnip toys before collapsing in exhaustion.  IMG_3196So, it would seem that the silly lower lifeform brought home just the perfect Valentine’s day present for the kitties. I’m sure we’ll have lots of fun photos to add to the blog over the next few days as everyone explores the new fabric.


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Happy Valentine’s Day!

IMG_3175Here’s a little demonstration by the kitties of heart-to-heart communication (or how to conserve heat on a cold winter’s day).IMG_3177The brutally cold weather has brought out a good deal of silliness, followed by some serious snuggling.  Thank heavens for fleece blankets and the far-infrared heat from the mattress pad!


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Crunchies that Get No Love

IMG_3169The human has spoiled her 4-legged captors, she’s the first to admit. For example, in the food department, because she would hate to eat the same old thing day after day, she’s always seeking out new and interesting things for the kitties to eat.  Sometimes she’s successful, sometimes she’s not. The other day she brought home a bag of new crunchies. They were grain-free and featured wild boar. The kitties have had boar before and really liked it. These crunchies were from a good brand, no wheat, soy, or corn, and high in protein.  She’s not sure what the issue is, but these crunchies are getting no love from the meows. That bowl above has been out for 5 days and hardly anything has been eaten. Normally, that amount wouldn’t last 10 minutes in this house.IMG_3170Because the stubborn human doesn’t want to toss an $18 bag of crunchies, she’s been trying to coax the kitties to eat them by mixing them in with other crunchies that they like. As you can see from the shot above, the wily carnivores grab a mouthful of the mixed crunchies from the bowl, back up, and drop them on the floor. Then they carefully sort and eat only the “good crunchies” they like and leave the “bad crunchies” on the floor for the human to step on barefooted in the middle of the night. Alas, the human might as well give up and find a friend whose furry friends are less picky to pass these along to, as there’s no way they’ll eat this bag unless they’re starved.  It’s hard to forget what it was like when they would eat absolutely anything she put before them with appreciation and enthusiasm.  Where have those days gone?


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Swirling Masses

IMG_3129Confession time:  the feline overmasters are addicted to raw freeze-dried meat patties and nibblets.IMG_3130If the human could afford to feed them solely this product, she would, as it’s species-appropriate food that’s high in protein, contains no grains or legumes, is raw (so the enzymes are still in tact), is available in a wide variety of sizes and types of meat, and is easy to handle. (The company also sells frozen products that are very similar, but those require advanced planning as it takes 24 hours or so to defrost them and they are still cold when they exit the ‘fridge.)IMG_3131Since “a little raw goes a long way,” the kitties generally get some of this product at morning and evening snacks.IMG_3132They either get a couple of the nibblets each, or the human breaks up a larger patty and distributes it among the tribe.  IMG_3133As you can see from these pictures, all she has to do is put the jar down on the floor and the swirling bodies begin their dance. There’s always some sniffing action going on as well.IMG_3134What you are missing here is the sound of all their plaintive cries. It’s a virtual kitty chorus.IMG_3135They can’t WAIT to get their snack!  Hurry, human, hurry!


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IMG_3147Okay, it only took the Water Baby 2 days to figure out that it would be exceptionally entertaining to lob stones out of the fountain and onto the floor. (Maybe she’s reading these blog posts after all….)

The human was in her work cave toiling diligently. All the furry people thought they should have dinner early.  One by one they came in to torment the silly human, who still was unwilling to get up and serve food so early in the day. Then the Girly Girl got it in her head that the one sure way to get the human out of the chair was to return to the site of her earlier adventures. After all, the human chuckled and took pictures of her two days ago. That’s no way to dissuade a cat.  IMG_3149Soon the human heard the distinct sound of stones being dragged over metal, then hitting the floor and bouncing. By the time she bounded out of her chair and arrived with camera, there were quite a few stones under the couch. Busted, the Plesiosaurus jumped off the couch and onto a specimen table.  The human got down on hands and knees (not quite proper obedience, but getting there!), picked up the stones, and laid them down on the table. Then she started talking to Princess Scoopy Paws about how it wasn’t a good idea to toss heavy stones onto the floor. <<Ha! Just watch me!>>  The Merkitty immediately began scooping and sliding stones along the top of the glass table. (Oh nooo!) Realizing what a dumb idea it had been to put the stones on a glass-topped table, the human returned them to the fountain and went back to the work cave leaving Mischief #1 without an outlet for her energies. 
IMG_3152M.K., not in the least discouraged, returned to the fountain and started chasing stones around in the bowl again. The human got up, camera in hand, and decided that the only way to end the fun was to cover up the whole fountain, bowl of stones and all. She found a kitty blanket that wasn’t getting much love and wrapped the fountain. Of course, that made it irresistible for the Water Baby, who returned to the bay window with her pal, Mischief #2 (aka Pepe).  IMG_3163Both investigated the mysterious brightly colored object that now was sitting in the window. Not to be outdone, M.K. started poking with face and paw trying to unfold the edges of the cloth. Sure enough, she did get one corner open, but not in a particularly accessible side of the fountain.IMG_3162She looked around. <<What else is up here that I can have fun with while annoying the 2-legged?>> She found a stone bowl holding some large stone specimens. She tried cuffing them, but fortunately they were too heavy to move so she lay down on top of the bowl to ponder her next move. Chess anyone?IMG_3160At last she got up and left the bay window. However, like the Terminator, the human is sure she’ll be baaack!



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Cloud Hands

IMG_3128There’s a popular form of Tai Chi called cloud hands.  In this house, we have our own version of cloud hands — or should it be cloud paws?IMG_3123The human is always getting poked at by these soft white paws, which have the cutest, softest toe pads.  If she’s sleeping, the feet keep poking her in the face.  If she’s trying to eat at the table, the paws come shooting out from under the tablecloth and attempt to bat at her in the air.  If she’s walking by upstairs (and not moving fast enough to get down to the kitchen and serve food), she gets whacked by those soft paws.


(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.

Water Monster & the Fountain

IMG_3136The human was slaving in the work cave yesterday when she heard a most interesting sound coming from the next room. It sounded like something heavy and hard was being dragged across metal. She immediately suspected a 4-legged and went to investigate.IMG_3137Alas, there sat the Water Monster on the back of the couch that is in front of the bay window.  In that bay window sits, among other things, a lovely but currently non-functioning fountain consisting of a large copper bowl filled with river stones and a round piece of slate that hangs over the stones. When the pump still worked, Amber the kitty used to lick the water trickling down the slate all the time, so the fountain constantly had a moss/slime problem. Maybe that’s what burned out the pump.IMG_3138Now busted, the Plesiosaurus turned and gave the human that “I dare you to do something about it” stare. Honestly, the human was laughing so hard, all she could do was snap a few pictures. Apparently,  all the water baby was doing was cuffing stones around inside the bowl. She apparently hasn’t yet graduated in deviousness to understand she can flip stones out onto the bay window’s seat or onto the floor, which was another favorite technique of Amber.IMG_3139Give her time, give her time!



(c) Copyright 2016, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.