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Pepe and the Cold Pack

It’s been so miserably hot that the human has been carrying around a series of gel ice packs to stay cool.  Pepe got into the action the other day. He, his brother Corky, and Macaroni all tolerate the human gently stroking the ice pack along their sides, although it seems to scare both of the Tiger Boys.  Pepe also doesn’t mind curling up with the ice pack along his flank.  Good to know there’s a way to cool down the kitties too.




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Places to Hide

<<Quick, the human is coming.  Don’t let her get too close in this heat. She’ll definitely want to pet you…and perhaps she’ll also want to pick you up and hug you.  It’s way too hot for affection.>>  <<If you pretend you don’t see her, perhaps she’ll be fooled into thinking she doesn’t see you.  Nope, that didn’t work. Time to plan an escape.>> <<Fortunately, she’s way too big to climb into the bay window. However, it’s just perfect for a kitty like me. You really have to stay alert in this house lest you get human kisses and fingerprints on your fur.>>


(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.




I Double-Dare You to Mess with My Fur!

It’s been ridiculously hot (95-97 F/35-36 C) for many days.  Of course, a few days before that it was unseasonably cold (68 F/20 C). The weather’s been crazily alternating between too cold and too hot for weeks. And in between it rains…a lot. And it’s always very muggy once the temperature starts to climb. The meows lie around like little rags looking as miserable as the human feels.  You’d think they’d spend their time downstairs where it’s at least 15 degrees cooler, but not so.  And at night, they cuddle right up against the hot human. Since they’re shedding like crazy despite daily brushing, all that excess fur gets stuck to the human’s skin. <<Yuck! I love you guys, but can’t you move just an inch away from my side?>> The human should be happy they want to be close to her.  Of course, when the human walks upstairs to check on the meows, she gets the hairy eyebrow from Caesar. <<Don’t you dare touch my fur in this heat or I’ll be forced to stop being the nice guy!>> The human takes pity on the hot cat and leaves him alone…except for the annoying camera that is. A kitty has to expect a little bit of attention in this house…especially when he looks so cute.




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How to Tell if Your Human is Evil

You’re asleep. You’re vulnerable. The human approaches, camera clicking. You know that the human shortly will be petting your paws and tummy and sticking her face in your fur.  <<Heaven forbid!>>   The 2-legged shows no pity. She knows you hate being woken from a sound sleep but she messes with you anyway — even after you make ugly faces.No doubt about it, your human is evil. It’s not fixable. Get rid of that human and find another slave.




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Boxed in…

The “oh so funny” human put a big box on the floor. The cats ignored it. The human picked up the wobbly egg toy, turned it on, and put it in the box.  Mac came over to check out the noise, at which point the helpful human picked her up and put her in the box with the egg. Mac was not amused. Neither was she entertained. She stared away ignoring her surroundings and plotting new methods to wake the human from a sound sleep at 3:30 am. The human has since been punished 3 nights running for her insolence.


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Carried Away…

The human thought it would be a good idea for the kitties to get used to their new carrier, so she plunked it down on one of the couches. It was brutally hot that week (and we’re having a repeat today and tomorrow), so the human and the kitties slept downstairs where it was cooler. As the human reclined on the other couch reading, she looked over only to see a small head sticking out of the carrier. Sure enough, as soon as the human grabbed the camera and started clicking, someone got embarrassed and tried to hide her face. Maybe she thinks she’s a celebrity and the human is the paparazzi. She even sat up and tried to turn her face away from the camera. Definitely, she thinks she’s a celebrity.  Once she thought the human wasn’t looking anymore, she went back to sleep in her little cat carrier. Such a Merkitty!

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In the Dog House

<<The reason you haven’t heard from the kitties for half a month is not the fault of the kitties. We’ve been cute, we’ve been funny, we’ve been photogenic, and we’ve been clever. The fault is the bad human, who has let work come before play. She promises to get back with the program soon.  For now, she’s in the dog house. We’ll let her out when she starts posting again! ~~ Love, the Penta Pack>>



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The human was minding her own business having lunch and taking notes. All of a sudden, her foot nudged the chair next to her’s and out popped the Pepster, who had been sleeping on the chair hidden by the fall of the tablecloth.  The nudge scared the Pepster and his popping out from under the tablecloth scared the human. That made them even.



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Sleepy Bears

The human walked through the living room only to see Mac and Caesar, rump to head, sitting on one of the couches.  They looked so cute cuddled up together.  Of course, in stopping to snap pictures, the human woke up Mac. That prompted Caesar to turn around so he was head-to-head with Mac. It’s so nice to see such good kitty friends spending time together. And, for a change, the little minx wasn’t piled on top of the poor Emperor kitty.


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Sassy-Faced Sissy Bird

The human got scolded roundly today.  All 5 of the meows took turns mobbing her in her office demanding food. Mind you, the human was on the phone and there was food upstairs — just not to their liking — plus the human had given most of them snacks 15 minutes earlier (although clearly not enough). When the 2-legged took a break and walked out into the living room, Macaroni started sassing loudly and frequently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t bright enough for the camera’s lens to capture the Smirking One in full oral complaint.  By the time the image was shot, that little upturned face with wide-open mouth was facing down again. Nonetheless, this will give you an inkling of the 10 minutes of sass the human heard and saw from that kitty.




(c) Copyright 2018, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.