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Can’t I Just Sleep a Little Longer?

It was the morning after US Independence Day. In this neighborhood, the fireworks displays are truly impressive and on par with the work of professionals. They’re set off nightly from mid-June’s Flag Day through a week after the 4th of July.  And last night, they started in at 7 am and really got going around 8 pm, making a terrible ruckus well-past midnight. In fact, the concussions were so loud and so close that a wreath the human has had hanging on the bedroom wall for years actually fell down. The only thing Caesar is more afraid of than fireworks is thunderstorms and he endured both yesterday.  The poor kitty lay glued to the human’s side for hours, then went off and hid with the Little Red Bee. Needless to say, the Emperor was tired this morning and not in the mood to vacate the bed quite as soon as the human, who had to work.



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