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A vegetarian human's adventure with cats

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Fireball and Mac were enjoying watching the goings on in the yard. The mean squirrels were chattering at them from the trees. Good things there was glass separating squirrels from cats.

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When You Really, Really, Really Don’t Want to Get Out of Bed

Sometimes it’s not easy getting started with your day. The human was stuck because she couldn’t finish making the bed. The Big Guy was determined that he was not going to move.

Making the bed around the big kitty did not seem to change his mind. He just sat there looking cute…and aggrieved.

The human could hardly blame him, as the 2-legged had a hard time getting out of bed herself. The awful heat and humidity had broken briefly and everyone was enjoying a couple of days of blessed cool with low humidity.

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Fireball Quite Likes the Pink Puff

Although his big brother and his little sister have tried to prevent Fireball from getting into the pink puff, when it’s empty, and no other cats are around, the Little Red Bee is a big fan of the soft kitty bed.

That is, until the human gets close with her camera.

Mac is clearly losing control of her territory.

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Mac Loses Control Over the Pink Puff

It started innocently enough. Mac was off doing Mac things and the pink puff was empty. Caesar jumped up on the bed and hopped in. <<<Oooh, this is so soft and it wraps around me so nicely.>>>

Then Fireball hopped up because, well, he’s never far from his big brother Caesar. He spied Caesar in the pink puff, so moved to join him, although where he was going to manage to fit was still to be seen.

Caesar was really comfortable and the pink puff isn’t that big, so Fireball had to content himself by balancing on the edge of the pink puff while leaning on Caesar’s body. It wasn’t that stable and it wasn’t that comfortable.

Caesar’s strategy of giving no quarter worked and Fireball grew bored and left. That meant the Big Guy had the pink puff all to himself. Soon his body parts were overflowing the puff. <<<Such luxury!>>>

A little later, his nap over, the Emperor Kitty sat up in regal grace and surveyed his realm.

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Strategic Utilization of Sunlight

The human walked upstairs in the middle of the afternoon and spied one of the cats strategically positioned to enjoy a spot of sunlight. At first the human wasn’t even sure which cat it was.

As the two-legged drew closer, she thought she saw a pair of little white feet, indicating it was Corky.

Sure enough, it was the little Banu Bear, who appeared to be in a good mood and not intending on moving anywhere anytime soon. <<<Can’t a guy relax and enjoy a little peace in this house?>>>

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Mac Among the Plants

The human happened to walk into the living room and spied a little face sticking up among the plants. She was catching some sunrays and enjoying being partially hidden by the couch.

Unfortunately for the Merkitty, the human spied her and started snapping photos.

Which just caused the Smirky one to ignore the 2-legged and pretend that she and her camera weren’t approaching.

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Big Boys Enjoy a Snooze

The Big Boys, Pepe (front) and Caesar (back) were enjoying a little snooze in the afternoon sunshine. However, as the camera-wielding human walked closer, both were on guard lest the two-legged try to pet paws and foreheads. Fortunately for them, the human was well behaved this time.

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MY Catnip!

Corky was taking a trip without leaving the farm, enjoying a bit of the wildwood weed.

Mac, who’d already indulged, sat close by glaring at Corky, who was pretty much oblivious. It was almost like Mac resented seeing him have his fun. So intently were the cats focused on each other or the catnip that the human managed to get quite close without either of them paying her any mind. There were no scuffles, but Mac made no secret of the fact that she thought Corky should have waited until she was completely finished and had left the room before enjoying some nip. The funny thing is, that’s what he usually does. He’s not food aggressive like she is.

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An Even Smaller Box

The human had a cute box she thought the brothers would enjoy checking out. She put it on the floor and waited to see what would happen.

No surprise, Pepe sniffed it over, then climbed in. Unfortunately, his brother was also curious and got fairly close to the box, which he still occupied.

<<<Do I really have to share with my brother?>>>

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Losing Your (Momentary) Favorite Kitty Bed

Mac and Caesar had taken over the wide pillow covered over with the very-plush “mama fur” blanket — a favorite among the cats for mixing and snuggling.

Pepe was somewhat incredulous that he had to content himself with the purple blanket.

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Hey Diddle Diddle

Here’s Caesar curled up in one of the kitty beds, looking like he’s flying through the air or leaping over his favorite pillow. His eyes are open and he’s watching the slow advance of the camera-clicking human. His forepaws are stretched out, so at great risk of being petted if he doesn’t pay close attention and pull them back under his chest if the human gets any closer. Fortunately, the human soon left him be.

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The human walked in to say goodnight to Pepe, who was reclining on one of the fake fur blankets. The 2-legged noticed a shadow in the tent-like kitty bed and flipped on the light to see if another cat was inside.

Sure enough, the human saw what she thought was Mac’s face peeking out.

As the human approached, snapping pics, the Smirky One just sat there looking sardonic.

<<<Much ado about nothing, that human!>>>

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Quick, Hide Your Paws!

Caesar was extending legs and tail out of one of the kitty beds while covered up with a bevy of blankets. The human crept forward, snapping photos as she went.

The Big Guy, realizing the perilous position of his paws, quickly pulled his body parts in and under the blankets so the human couldn’t pet them. She snapped a few more pictures and then walked away.

<<<Whew! It worked this time. Can’t a guy get any sleep around this place?>>>

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The Suffering of Caesar

Only the cruelest of humans would bother a kitty in such a vulnerable position while sound asleep…

<<<Oh, but his paws are so velvety and his tummy is so soft.>>>

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Corky Cuts Loose

Corky had all the tools of the cat entertainment trade before him. He had a box to climb into as well as a paper bag. He had a piece of crackly paper dusted with dried catnip and silver vine. (You can tell from his coat that he’d recently had a roll in the nippy.) And he had the spinning wobbly toy, which, despite all his best efforts to push it over onto the ground, always managed to stand back up again.

Unfortunately, before he had exhausted his appetite for self entertainment, an interloper appeared.

Yes, the Merkitty (aka Macaroni) had just entered the room. Talk about stealing his chill.

Since the Mer loves nothing better than jumping in the middle of whatever the other cats are doing — be that snoozing in one of the kitty beds, having a grooming party, noshing on snacks, or playing with toys she’d ignored for weeks until another cat decided to have a bit of fun — she hopped right into the middle of Corky’s game without even asking if he’d mind. He minded.

However, uncharacteristically, he didn’t leave the room. Instead, he skulked around the outside edges for a few minutes. Since Mac likes other cats to entertain her a whole lot more than she likes entertaining herself, she quickly tired of the toy and flopped down on the floor to take the measure of her situation. Perhaps she was hoping Corky would come over and lavish some attention on her.

And that was all Corky needed. Quickly he zoomed in and started cuffing at the wobbly toy again.

Mac looked a tad put out. Such is life in this house.

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Why do you suppose it is that the biggest cat always has to try and occupy the smallest kitty bed or box or bag?

Note the subtle shift in Caesar’s eyes that shows he’s quite aware that the human is sneaking up on him with the camera? (He’s likely already planning his escape route if the two-legged annoys him too much.) His paw is perilously exposed and he knows it. Still, the human was well behaved and just took a couple of photos and then left the big guy alone.

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Almost Made it…

We got to day 4. The human even managed to clip Cocoa’s front claws without bloodshed. However, late that evening, the human stepped out of the big bedroom for a nature break and was a bit too careless when returning to bed. Fireball made a major jail break and spent that night and the next day out. First thing he did was run across the hall and start pushing first his nose and then those clever red paws under the door. Fortunately, Cocoa must have been in her kitty bed and not watching. If there were any altercations on opposite sides of the door during the night, the human didn’t hear them…and she didn’t fall asleep until after 1 am, so upset was she that she’d let Fireball escape. The next day, the Little Red Bee was missing his best buddies, Mac and Caesar, but there was little chance he’d let the human pick him up and return him to the bedroom, so he had to live with the choices he made in the spur of the moment. There were 5 happy cats when Cocoa’s family returned and she went back to her house.

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No One is Happy in this House

<<The human has let another cat in the house. It’s in the other bedroom right across the hall. Corky made a jail break for 30 minutes and confirmed this arch betrayal. We also feel resentful that we should all be locked up. It’s our house. Whatever was that human thinking?>>

This is Cocoa. Her humans next door had to go out of town for 5 days. The easiest and kindest thing was to bring her here. However, no one is happy about this situation, Cocoa included. That’s a bit scary, as Cocoa is a big girl with all of her claws. She has a fearsome growl too.

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What has the Human Done?

<<There is another cat in the house…we can hear it and we can smell it, but we can’t see it. Why not? Because we have been jailed by our captor in the big bedroom…all of us. What in the world has that crazy human done now?>>

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Intruder Alert!

Over the many decades that the human has lived at this house, she’s known some pretty cheeky wildlife.  In the old days, it was quite common to look out on the lower deck and see a woodchuck, a couple of squirrels, and some birds all sitting in a circle eating seed. For a few years, a woodchuck unaffectionately called El Destructo traumatized the plants growing in big pots on the deck. Nearly every day he’d walk past and pull over every pot that was light enough for him to move to see if there was anything good to eat in it. This repeated behavior caused enough transplant shock that some of the plants gave up the ghost. And then there are the deer that reach their necks over the deck railing to nibble some of the hottest peppers on the planet down to the soil.A few weeks back, the human happened to be in the kitchen eating lunch on a dark, dreary day when she heard a thud outside on the lower kitchen window. Looking over, she couldn’t believe her eyes: a young and smallish woodchuck had jumped up on the window ledge. This is something the human had never seen before, although it shouldn’t have come as a complete surprise. Several bird feeders hang just above this window and there is always seed on the deck below the window and sometimes on the window ledge itself. <<Those birds are such messy eaters!>>As the human stood up, grabbed her phone, and started shooting photos while walking toward the intruder, he or she looked in and decided it would be advisable to jump back down on the deck.  This intruder wasn’t terribly afraid, as he / she didn’t go far…at least not right away. Of course, was there a single cat in the kitchen at the time keeping watch for intruders entering the property? <<‘Fraid not. Bah!>>




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