Upping the Ante

by Cat Crazy

new upstairs bowl and matOkay, so after half a week of upstairs water play at 4 a.m., the busy human broke away from the keyboard long enough to go purchase another elevated pair of water and crunchies bowls as well as another one of those soft grey mats to catch the water.  (Yes, that’s the Merkitty tail. She’s checking out the new gear. And it looks like I’ve got the mat upside down, but perhaps it will be even better at catching errant fountain flow.)

goofy pawOf course, as I was in the process of setting things up, the Merkitty had that crazy foot of hers going, scooping air along the outside of the old water bowl.  What in the world she thinks she’s doing is a mystery to me, but she does it every time she drinks water so at least she’s consistent.

confused catAnd once I got the new bowls set up and had emptied the old ones, the Water Monster had to go stick her face in the empty (but still damp) water bowl. Then she looked up as though confused as to why there was no water in it.

Clearly, it will be several days of walking around and around as the little wheels turn in her head. You can almost hear them creak.  I’m sure there will be retaliation…I just don’t know what she will do.  It will be clever and creative whatever it is.


(c) Copyright 2014, PeggyMalnati. All rights reserved. Photos my own.